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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
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Aug 21, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, young-adult
Read in August, 2010

I read the first and second book of this series back to back. I wanted to quit reading it but I couldn't. Poor Katniss isn't catching a break at all in these books. I bet the government wishes they had never drew her sisters name out of that bowl. I'm not sure what she's doing from one moment to the next, and I think that's really great. I don't want to put spoilers in this review, or talk about the first book too much, so I'll only say I love this book, but I hate it too. It's terrible! I'm not a crier and this book had me crying more than once. I think its terrible what she is made to face, horrible what she has to go through, and the people she looses just make me bawl. It was so well written I felt like I was there in her head. As confused as she is, feeling just as helpless. Yet I'm me as well rooting for a revolution, and for her to wake up and realize her role, accept the sacrifices she'll have to make and the sacrifices everyone has made for her. I can't wait for the third book I'll be downloading it from amazon the minute its out. And if I can't get it there I will actually drive the forty miles to the closest bookstore to get it. After putting the book away, I find I'm reluctant to open another book. I feel its too soon to get lost in someone else's world; my mind is stuck with Katniss, and I'm thinking of her, not as though she's real, but as though she's part of a great story in another world, the turning point for a change and I have to wait to hear the rest.

It's rare a YA book has this kind of effect on me, as I'm in my mid-20's, and even more rare that I read a book that's not about vampires, werewolves or some other paranormal creature. And I'm glad I branched out, I'll have to check out more of these kinds of books. And that is something the author should be proud of - making those who don't typically read books like these branch out. It's a rare author who can accomplish that.

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