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My Friend Leonard by James Frey
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Jan 06, 2008

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Read in June, 2006

I picked up "My Friend Leonard" by James Frey. This book is the follow up to "A Million Little Pieces" which is the book that started such a furor last year. The one that the author claimed to be true and the Smoking Gun website discovered was more likely an exaggeration of the truth. Oprah went a lil crazy and everyone trashed the guy. What a lot of people didn't take into account is that "true" or "somewhat true" "A Million Little Pieces" was a great book. A story of the hell of rehabilitaion from drugs and alcohol that rings true whether or not some of the details are fabricated. There's a review of it somewhere in these blogs ) if you care to look for it. But bottom line, I highly recommend taking the time to read it. Now, "My Friend Leonard" picks up the author's life after he gets out of rehab and tells you how his life progressed from then on with the help, often uninvited, of his friend Leonard. Frey's frantic style of writing keeps the pages turning and before you know it the end is happening. The characters in Frey's books just kind of speak to you in a personal way. As I said before, the details that are fabricated don't matter, it's the kernel of truth that seems to shine through that keeps you interested. Leonard is entirely too much of a good thing wrapped in a bad package to be entirely real but it's inconsequential. Because I would give my left leg to have a Leonard and so would most of the people I know. James Frey is a better man for having a Leonard and he knows it. And this is his way of acknowledging it. Good for Mr Frey, I'm fuckin' jealous. I'm also glad he decided to share Leonard with me because it made me smile thinking that if a fuck up like James Frey could find a Leonard (real or not, something helped steer him towards life) than anyone can. Hopeful thoughts aren't necessarily plentiful these days so when a good one comes along snatch it outta the air and keep it for awhile.
I started this book on the bus Sunday and just finished it this afternoon. And I've gotta say, I kinda wish there was more of it to read
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Riki Fantastic Review...it said all that i was thinking...I too wish there was more.. A leonard would be a great guide in life and in the first book Lily really made me keep reading... What amazing characters Frey portrayed... :)

Jennifer Beautiful review, I couldn't agree more.

David Mckinnon I agree totally... It takes you in and keeps you there.

Lucyt2008 Agreed!!

Colleen Your review is SO positive, so I'm surprised by 3 stars. My copies in the mail & can't wait.

Brooke I loved Frey's portrayal of the human experience. The highs and lows of James, the larger than life personality of Leonard, and the life-ending sorrows of Lilly. Whether any of this story is true or not, does not concern mean the slightest. "My Friend, Leonard" made feel something. It made me feel hope. It accurately described how we're all a little fucked up, but that it's okay and life goes on. Just hold on.

Allie I agree completely and loved your review of this book. Both A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard were great reads.

message 8: by Bec (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bec Whyte THANK YOU! i always hated the bs million pieces kerfuffle. Great Review

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