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What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage
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Mar 20, 11

Read from August 21 to 23, 2010

Reading this novel I was excited for two reasons. First, this is the first book I've ever read from Oprah's book club. Secondly, this book is the bomb! The way that this book was wrote made me feel as if Cleage was sitting directly next to me having girl talk. Currently residing in Michigan for over 14 years, I appreciated how she broke down the history of Idlewild, Michigan.

More importantly, she truly made me feel the pain of Ava. What happended to poor Ava going to Atlanta to live the quote on quote good life could've happen to anyone simply not protecting themselves everytime they decided to have sex. The story line was so to true to life. That Gerry was so evil. All Ava's sister Joyce was trying to do was keep the young ladies residing in Idlewild from having to suffer the same fate as her baby sister.
Despite of Ava circumstances, I was glad to that she discovered that she could truly have a life again after being diagnosed with HIV.

Adra Young
Author of: The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Series

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Kari You should have marked this book as having spoilers in it.

Adra Kari,
What do you mean by spoilers? Not sure what you mean? Could you explain that to me.

Kari If you are giving a review of the book, that shares details, that could "spoil" the plot or the ending for a potential reader, there is a "hide review because of spoilers" box to click.

Sorry, I said the book had spoilers in it, ment the review had spoilers in it.

Adra I understand now. Thank you. Currently my latest reviews are not "spoilers." You are correct. Sometime's the reviewer can reveal too much about the book which in result will kill the suspense for possible potential readers.

Adra I just removed so statements in this review that may be considered as potential spoilers. I thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Kari Thanks, Adra. Glad to have helped. And thanks for the review. I started it last night and I am enjoying it myself.

Adra I hope you enjoy it. I hope I did not "spoil" it for you. LOl...LOL Take care.

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