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Watch Me by Brenda Novak
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Even better than the first two, Watch Me is The Last Stand hitting its stride. Out the gate, Sheridan's story pulls you in, and you're immediately engaged with every single character as soon as they hit the stage. Cain? Oh, my. This isn't a case of just a dreamy hot alpha male, because while Cain is all those things you expect out of a lead, he's also hard but vulnerable. He's more comfortable out with his dogs, ignoring the hurt and soldiering through past pain while turning every woman he comes into contact with inside out. This is a good man that never got the chance to show that. You'll bleed for this guy. And you'll feel the confusion and ache that Sheridan experiences coming back home, facing old demons, as well as the boy that she gave both her heart and virtue. Yes, this is one of those coming home to old loves stories, except with a murder, sketchy police force, and a side of who-in-the-hell-is-killing-everyone? But watching Cain heal Sheridan? Here's my breath you just stole, you sneaky romantic.

Because believe me when I tell you that for a "romance" writer, Novak doesn't take the easy way out all the time. Yes, you will get a HEA. You'll get that. But on the way there Novak gets pretty ballsy, and I like that about her. She's not afraid of a little grit and a little bit of, "Holy Sh*t!" And this story packs plenty of that.

Can you get away without reading the first two? Yes. The Last Stand is written in a way that connects, but could still work as stand alones. That being said, any series is even more enjoyable by reading them all, and the first two are pretty good, even though so far Watch Me is my favorite. Cain hit the same spot that Romain did, but even more, because I'm a sucker for going home to find that the first boy was the IT boy all along.

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