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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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Aug 21, 2010

did not like it
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Recommended to Jesi by: my boss
Read from August 09 to 10, 2011

First of all, a bit of backstory. When this came out, it was paraded as being one of the successors to Twilight's crown. And, on the surface, I can understand the comparison. I mean, they're both about vampires who's authors have fabricated from their own fever dreams, wiping away the horror of monsters, and making them about as dangerous as a sexless Ken doll. There are gaping plot holes in both. Oh, and, let's not forget that they both feature Mary Sues for the main protagonist. There are reasons the publishers thought this would be as popular as the other.

Along with my story. My boss saw one of these articles, and talked about how excited she was about the thought of reading this book. Several years down the line, all I remembered was that she was excited about this book - not the reason she was. Had I remembered that she was excited because this was related to Twilight, maybe this would have turned out differently.

I bought this book, and started listening to it. What I came away with is as follows: Rose, our main character, is a typical Mary Sue. Everyone wants to be her, do her, and she can do just about anything she wants, because she's "just that good." She's also rude, manipulative, stuck on herself, slow on the uptake, and cares about nothing but herself, except when she takes offense to someone who's picking on her best friend. Apparently, the only one who can be cruel to her friend is herself, just as she's the only one who's allowed to have any kind of intimacy with said friend.

Her friend? Is made of the same cloth, only where Rose is abrasive and prone to start fights, Lissa is a wallflower. Except when she's forcing herself to play the part of the royal, in which case she shows her unethical, manipulative, and puppet-erring side. As for the other characters in this story, they're either only there for drama, convenience, or a hand wave to make some part of the plot make sense.

Which brings us to the plot. What there was of one primarily consisted of "how the main characters went about ruining another girl's life, in a stupid, cruel, and utterly teenaged vendetta." Not until the end were we given something "meat worthy" to build the rest of the series off of. And even that was lean pickings, not to mention painfully obvious.

The only redeeming quality this book had was a world that, while we were only given glimpses of it, seemed to be well thought out. Unfortunately, it wasn't compelling enough to be a reason for me to want to continue the series.
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08/09/2011 page 12
4.0% "Dude. This guy is HELPING YOU OUT, and you're being a complete bitch? That's just plain stupid. 4% // GOD she's a whiny, "oh woe, everyone's being mean to me" idiot. 7% // So, this is like the Brotherhood series, where there are two kinds of "vampires" one is a vampire in the traditional sense, and the other is "we're just people who have to suck blood." Ho-hum. 12%"
08/09/2011 page 26
8.0% ""Ohh, I'm such a bad girl. I start fights and party and am hot." ...really? And *why* should we like her? 18% // So, not only are you attempting to use your best friend to get back at this chick, you're also really thick. 26%"
41.0% "Let me get this straight... she's a manipulative, stuck-on-herself little brat of a girl, who seems more interested in getting her own way than in being a good friend, and we're supposed to sympathize and care about her... ...why exactly?"
40.0% ""I saw it as a testing between worthy opponents, she saw it as animal cruelty." Uhh... maybe because that's EXACTLY what it is? So. Manipulative, self-absorbed, AND someone who's inclined to abuse animals. WHAT a great character. WHY was this book so popular? 39% // "He's crazy about me, he's checking me out, I look great in a bra, I'm the best in this f*ing place" Hello Mary Sue? 40%"
52.0% "GOD! She is SUCH a bitch! A judgmental, manipulative BITCH. Christian seems just as "worthy" of Lissa's friendship as she is - MORE than. GOD. I hate this book. 48% // "Who else knew?" Uhh.. JESSE? And you'd have NO ONE but YOURSELF to blame. 50% // Listening to this feels like ramming my head against a wall. Over and over again. 52%"
60.0% ""Some tiny tiny part of me felt sorry for Christian." Could it be the ONLY redeeming aspect of your personality? No wonder it's so easy for you to ignore. 53% // "I know you hate me invading your privacy in the most intimate way possible, but I'm going to do it anyway - intentionally." Yes. This is TOTALLY a GREAT character. 59% // "I don't like him, but I'm totally going to manipulate and use him." HATE THIS BOOK."
65.0% "Even Lissa is a complete waste of space. WHY are these the main characters?? 64% // You know what else I hate about this book? That the world seems to be fairly well developed, the glipses that we get to see of it. I'd like to know more about the world, but the characters aren't worth the headache. 65%"
77.0% "Christian is the only slightly worthwhile character in this book. The teachers are useless, oblivious, and some are alcoholics. The mentor is kinda creepy, having the hots for someone who's not legal, but considering he's only 24 and she's 17, I won't count that against him *too* much. 71% // It's ALMOST as if Mead realizes how worthless her characters are and is attempting to put up a mirror to what they're doing."
100.0% "FINISHED!! THANK GOD!! **sighs** My only regret is that I listened to this for a mere 10 points."

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D.M. Dutcher I'm glad someone else picked up on what they did to Mia. While what Mia did was nowhere near justifiable (although it was understandable given her origins) it felt really odd to see the main characters do just as bad if not worse to her.

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