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The Academy by Bentley Little
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Aug 21, 2010

it was ok

Ok, I think I'm just getting a little tired of reading this type of book. Lately, all of the Bentley Little books I read seem to be the same. The Academy left me, quite frankly, bored. It took me forever to finish this book and I even skipped some just to get it overwith.

Normally I love his books and I tear right through them, but not this one. In fact, I read 4 other books after I started this one, which never do. If I'm reading a book I read it, finish it and then on to the next. This one just didn't hold my interest.

It's about Linda, a high school teacher whose school was voted to turn into a Charter School. After that, everything goes downhill. People that didn't go for the charter start to die, students are turning more and more aggressive as well as he teachers. The Principal is out of control, and the students and parents turn fearful. Like I said, maybe I'm just tired of this genre. I've read so many of this kind of book maybe too much of the same isn't a good thing.

If you like Bentley Little you'll probably like this book if you're in the mood for more of the same.

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