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The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller
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Aug 28, 2010

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Read from August 22 to 27, 2010

The only reason I was able to get this book on time is because Penguin has a branch here. Otherwise I usually have to wait some months before I am able to get a new book. Needless to say , when I saw that The Eternal Ones had actually released on time, I didn't wait before I bought my own copy.

Right from the childhood, Haven has had visions about her past life. She remembers that she was called Constance who loved a young man called
Ethan whom she keeps seeing in her visions. She knows she has to find him.Her grandmother is sure that Haven is possessed by demons and the entire town sees her as a freak.Yet Haven has always known that her true destiny lies elsewhere. Though her visions vanish after the tragic death of her father, they come back in full force when she is 17. She is unable to control it and she knows her last option is to find Ethan. When she sees a NY based celebrity playboy, Ian Morrow,its almost as if her world tumbles upside down. Haven realizes that Ian Morrow is the key to her past life.
Living in a country whose major religion (Hinduism) emphasizes on reincarnation, I am not completely unaware of the concept. I have seen people believe in it so intensely that the fear of death is almost absent in them.
There have been numerous Bollywood movies made about it. No doubt its an interesting concept!
Reincarnation has always fascinated me. I don't really know what to think about it, whether to believe in it or not. However I knew I had to read The Eternal Ones when I first heard about it. What I had never expected was that I would become so addicted to it.

The days I spent reading it, I did little else.I was hooked right from the first page. It was unputdownable and gripping. I even took the book with me to college,trying to read it in any little time I got, even in the middle of classes *guilty chuckle*. I just couldn't stop reading it because every time I was itching to know how everything turned out.

The Eternal Ones is a very engrossing book, and not just because of its basic premise.There are numerous twists and turns throughout the book, which will leave you gasping.

Romances usually make me cringe. But Ethan and Constance's love story was beautifully done. It was stirring and tender. There is something haunting about the whole concept of "love lasting across centuries and lifetimes" . What made the love story memorable and not annoying was that the author doesn't overdo it. The author did not forget the actual plot in order to emphasize on the love story. Instead there is a flow to the story. The suspense element remains throughout the novel.

The Eternal Ones was very well-written, I must say. The characters were so well-developed. There was no vagueness about the characters.
What makes the book so enthralling is that it has all the makings of a thriller - past lives, dark secrets, a mysterious society, a sense of evil and ofcourse, the romance.

This Eternal Ones was not only an edge-of -the- seat book but also one of the most original YA novels. It not only has lots of action but also talks about religion and even anarchy (I loved this part). There is an underlying feeling of menace, a sense of hidden evil, which made it darker and hence,even more intriguing.

I am not a believer in "love at first sight" or "eternal love", but this book has presented the concept beautifully.

I think what I did not like about the book was that Haven seemed like suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Her feelings changed from love to hate to love so quickly that it was difficult to believe it was the same girl.Also I did not really like Ian...he seems confused and lost at times, even weak.

What I liked best about the book was all the vividly described scenes from past life. I liked Constance and Ethan more than Haven and Ian. Another thing I loved about the book was a character, readers were not supposed to like (I think) but I did and I cannot talk about that person without revealing too much.

Why I read this book was my fascination with reincarnation. I had expected yet another cliched YA romance. What I got instead was a thrilling ride from the start to finish. Full marks for originality! There is even a sequel coming out next year.

Compelling and suspenseful !

Yes! Not only to YA fiction readers but also to lovers of suspense.

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