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Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick
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Aug 20, 2010

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Flow my tears,
fall from your springs
Exiled forever let me mourn
Where night's black bird her sad infamy sings
There let me live

The style of this novel seems to be a bit erratic to me, perhaps PKD was really high on hallucinogens at the time he wrote this novel, but it is consistent with his earlier works. The protagonist of this novel is Jason Traverner, he is the popular host of a NBC variety show. He has about 30 million viewers watching him. He has it all: fame, fortune, good looks, and all the women he could possibly want. Then, suddenly, one day he wakes up in a grimy motel, has none of his identification cards, and no one knows who he is! In this futuristic world there is a strict social hierarchy that requires everyone to have identification cards. Those without proper ID are sent into forced-labor-camps or FLCs. However, those who are on top of the social hierarchy have all the power are allowed to do as they please, bending the law for their benefit. Jason must find a way to get his life back together without being sent into a FLC or worse! In this world there are flying cards, police check points everywhere you look, and even people who are created from genetic experiments (like Jason). Will Jason be able to get his life back in order without trusting the wrong people or getting killed?
Personally the ending felt a bit “deux ex machina” for me and wasn’t exactly satisfied with the explanation that filled only about 2 pages. It’s a good novel but it didn’t give me many clues to be able to come to a conclusion about the ending. It wasn’t like Ubik that gave me many clues and allowed to think of different possibilities as to what exactly is happening to the characters.

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