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Superman by Mark Millar
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Aug 19, 2010

really liked it
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The last comic I read starred Scrooge McDuck, and here I am reviewing Red Son.

However, in the world of comics one should, I feel, review in pieces, as comics are a collaborative effort.

Story: Mark Millar created the concept of Superman landing in Communist Russia instead of Smallville, Kansas. I loved how Millar extrapolated the concept to show how other areas of the world would have changed if Superman had not been American. Overall I felt that after exploring the brilliant concepts, the story itself was serviceable and the language was average. I felt that Millar was running out of things to say in certain parts, and threw out other superheroes at those points to make things interesting. A little forced.

Pencillers: Dave Johnson & Kilian Plunkett's work is simply masterful. From the frames' layouts to the perspectives, Johnson & Plunkett created scenes that really gave the story an epic feel. The added detail illustrations were well-crafted gravy.

Inkers: Andrew Robinson & Walden Wong - I don't think I've every noticed or thought of inkers before Red Son. I suppose some would say that not noticing inkers is a sign that they had done their work well, that the reader is looking at the work as a whole instead of a collection of parts. For some comics, perhaps, that would be true. Robinson & Wong made me fall in love with their work. It became as important to me as the color and the form itself. Graceful and strong.

Colorist: Paul Mounts - I grew up on comics with cartoon characters. They probably had only 20 colors to work with. This is the first comic I've read where I literally felt that some of the panels and frames could be professionally matted and hung on the wall.

Overall, the best thing I can say about Red Son is that I haven't been brought back to comics by it because I was never a comic book fan to begin with, but because of Red Son I am now.

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