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Sweet Revenge by Nora Roberts
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Sep 16, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: 2010, romance, fiction
Read from August 19 to September 15, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Nora Roberts does it again; this is a big book, spanning nearly thirty years, several countries, and examining a variety of relationships. (I'm all about the relationships in books, it seems. Unless there's lots of shoot-em-up action, of course, and then I'm all about the action.)

There's a lot of obsession in this book: the prince is obsessed with the actress, the actress is obsessed with escape, the princess is obsessed with revenge, just to name three flavours of it. And it works, though obsession seems an unattractive characteristic in a romantic lead.

There's a lot to this story, and most of it works very well. Roberts seems to have done fairly extensive research and describes the life of royal women under Islam in exquisite and even-handed detail; she shows the insider's view, as well as the outsider's. She also shows the Western life from both points of view, and neither she nor her protagonist declares one way superior to the other. That, I thought, was deftly done.

This book really got rolling for me after the romantic leads finally meet, which is natural since it's a romance, but I can't object to all the stuff that led up to it, because it was all important, with no throat-clearing or "as you know" boring bits. It wouldn't have been possible to tell the story of Princess Adrianne's revenge without first telling the story of King Abdu meeting and marry his American wife, the disintegration of their relationship, Phoebe's desperation and escape with her daughter, her failed comeback, her mental illness, and the rest. By the time Adrianne meets Philip Chamberlain, the reader is firmly on Adrianne's side in the matter of exacting her revenge, and in favour of her finding love in the process.

There are a few unfired guns; Phoebe's unprincipled former-and-reinstated agent appears long enough to be nasty and creepy, but drifts offstage when he's not needed anymore, and I really wanted him to get some kind of public comeuppance. But apart from that? I really enjoyed this book.

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