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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia
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Dec 15, 12

Read in January, 2012

This was so deliciously Southern Gothic on top of (next to?) the paranormal, it was a treat. I love Ethan and Amma, and the authors planted so many tempting seeds that will be followed up on -- Ethan's mother, Ethan's father, who else in town might be a Caster, etc. Lena's family was a little less developed than I would have liked -- or maybe there were simply too many of them at once to develop deeply. And I wanted to pronounce her name "Layna" (because of her last name probably) but I think it was "Leena" which doesn't sound right to me.

I don't have a lot of faith that every thread here will be tied up by the end of the series, or possibly just not to my satisfaction -- the Caster mythology seemed unnecessarily complicated even here, and I assume that's only going to increase as the series goes on. My fundamental problem with the Caster question is: Why would anyone choose to go Dark? Well, why would some people? I'm not sure the distinction between Light and Dark is clear enough, or maybe just the definition of "Dark" -- if it's outright evil-doing, how many sixteen-year-old girls are going to want that? Am I being naive? That's also a possibility, too.


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