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A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James
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I have to admit, my first experience with Eloisa James was not a happy one. I tried to read the first Essex book and I couldn't get through it.

I promptly said I would not be reading her again.

Until, I saw "When Beauty Tamed the Beast". Then I realized it was book two and I do not read out of order.

Hence "A Kiss at Midnight" and I'm glad I gave Ms. James another chance.

Cute engaging story about Kate and Gabe, two people from very different worlds who almost instantaneously fall for each other. Of course there is bickering and arguments, which are laced with pent up lust.

Possible (view spoiler)

This is a happily ever after story and the dialogue, while humorous, isn't as witty as I thought it was going to be. That said, I did like this book and I'm so happy it wasn't a staid retelling of "Cinderella". I liked Kate and would have liked to see more of her working on her family's land and Gabe, I would have liked to see him do more archaeology but you know what, it's good for what it is. A fun, romantic story about a man and a woman and the lines that sometimes need to be crossed.
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Wicked Incognito Now well, this one is not one of her best IMO. You should give the Desperate Duchess series a go.

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