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Fallen by Lauren Kate
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Aug 18, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: angels, young-adult, stopped-series
Read from August 18 to 19, 2010

Well, I liked this book... but I HATED the last couple of chapters. I kept turning page after page and it went on forever. And after I FINALLY finished the last chapter, there was an epiloque! Luckily, that only went on for 3 pages and I could not have taken anymore.

I am so very annoyed with this book, because I really enjoyed most of it. I thought it was capturing and I liked Luce and how she tries to find out everything about Daniel. I like how she struggles with going insane, but at the same time mostly decides it doesn't matter, since it doesn't change anything. In the beginning this book reminded me of Evermore, what IMO is NOT good. I hated Evermore! The story is boring and the characters are aweful and beyond boring! But I thought Fallen was A LOT better than Evermore and I was like: "See, this can be done. Evermore just really sucks." But then Luce becomes so whiny and Daniel gets so very, very boring and it goes on and on forever! And there are no answers! You keep turning page after page waiting for the answers and then there are none! And I am not talking about the questions that make you want to read the sequel like: "What will become of Luce? How will they manage to live their lives together? What happens to Cam?" These questions are fine to me. I am talking about questions like: "Why does Luce die all the time? What does Daniel mean by saying God wants us to love only him (Is that relevant to the story in any respect?)? How can you be a fallen angel and still fight for the light? Why are they damned? What is Luce damned for?..."

OK, enough ranting. I usually don't do this :). Why is it that most of the angel books just have these aweful endings? Please, please read Hush, Hush. That was awesome and I loved how it ends.
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08/18/2010 "Starting it now..."
08/18/2010 page 100
22.0% "Uhu, different from what I imagined, but very nice... The writing needs a bit getting used to, even though I can't say why."
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56.0% "I am dying to know about the mistery!!! Dying!!!" 4 comments

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Jess i have this book for a while now but never managed to read it... and your review is clearly not helpful at all ^^
i LOVED hush, hush and i´m still unsure of what to think of evermore. so i guess, my opinions on fallen will be the same as yours *sigh* shame. it sounds and looks so promising.

Kathryn I'm sorry you didn't like this book in the end... I don't think I'll read this, none of my firneds liked it! I really like the cover work though.. what a shame... But I guess I'll give it a try with "Hush Hush".

Nora @Jess: Yes, shame. I agree that it looks promising and the story is also good, just not how it develops. I have read so many awesome books recently that I just have zero tolerance :). I assume you will not run out of stuff to read anytime soon, otherwise I would recommend to read it, when there is nothing else to read... but like I said: Too many good books out there.

@Kathryn: Yes, skip it. I'd rather have an aweful cover and a good story than vice versa. Luckily, Hush, hush has both!

Kathryn I am asking that question right now... why are they damned??!! I mean after reading more than 400 pages, you think you'd get rewarded by understanding the "whole picture" but nooooo it just gets more complicated !!
How rude...!!

Nora Kathryn wrote: "How rude...!!"

:) How very true! I completely forgot we already kinda talked about this!

Still... I'm sorry you did not like it!

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