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Mr. Clarinet by Nick Stone
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Jan 10, 11

it was ok
Read from August 18, 2010 to January 10, 2011

This novel started out good, but as ex-private detective/ex-con/ex-cop Max Mingus begins to unravel the mystery of the missing child Charlie Carver he takes his years and years of training and with complete disregard to protocol throws all of that experience to the wind. He continues to make wrong turn after wrong turn. The way the story evolves reminds me of someone who is driving to their destination and then there GPS breaks, and even though one of the other passengers in the car knows the way, he doesn't ask for help from them or even stop and ask someone else. Max stays in a constant state of lost. For example to show I have no personal disgust with the author (the king of swords was great by the way) her is an example of where Max blatantly makes a silly choice. He calls his ex-partner in Miami for help. His buddy Joe Liston says, I will call you tomorrow with ALL of the information I find out. Okay so that was the plan. It makes sense. So then why oh why does Max set out for a freakin' week to find the answers and get his ass beat by some random kids, etc etc. So FINALLy when he does return his ex-partner's phone call it goes something like this: "Okay Max I found out the guy behind the drug ring is..." Max cuts him off " I know it's Vincent Paul" and this just keeps happening like they are two lovers finishing each others sentences. The point is if Max had just waited a mere 15 hours his buddy could have filled in Max as well as the reader a whole lot quicker than the boring roller-coaster ride we just went on for the past week. So all in all the story unravels at the same pace as a newborn baby unwrapping Christmas gifts and when I say newborn I mean just exited the womb! I would like to award this book less stars but at this point I have just ended up feeling sorry for this author's debut book. I'm just glad Nick Stone learned from his previous mistake and made his second book a little faster pace as well as a more interesting landscape than the poverty ridden Haiti.
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