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The Lost City of Z by David Grann
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SUMMER READING CLUB: "Engaging story, well-written. Can any of us imagine going through what Fawcett and the author did?! Now way. Remarkable men- both of them." -Alice Kintisch

SUMMER READING CLUB: "Good book- easy reading and flows nicely. No losing track of what's going on! Too bad we will never really know what happened!" -Joseph P. McCallion

SUMMER READING CLUB: "A fascinating account of Col.Percy Fawcett and his explorations of the Amazon Forest. Whatever one thinks of his personality, Col. Fawcett must be admired for his skill, sense of purpose and drive (obsession as the subtitle calls it) that pushes him to return to explore the Amazon Forest as often as it did. The book is replete with many details of the preparation for and adverse conditions that were involved with Fawcett's several expedtions."

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