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The Ships of Merior by Janny Wurts
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Sep 23, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy
Read from August 21 to September 23, 2010

Four and a half stars. This author is definitely not for everyone, but I love her phrasing and the imagery her writing creates.

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Reading Progress

08/21/2010 page 20
3.0% "Events in this book have a waterfall effect..."
08/22/2010 page 39
5.0% "Five years passed...and while things have changed they also haven't. I love how humanity finds something to fear and then seeks to destroy it... /sarcasm"
08/23/2010 page 100
14.0% "It's so sad seeing how justice has been twisted...everything is filtered..."
08/23/2010 page 102
14.0% "I can't count. I'm two pages further along that I thought I was. 15 pages to go until the end of the first chapter set :)"
08/24/2010 page 119
16.0% "Completed the first chapter set. Darkar is such a heap of trouble...and he has so much potential it hurts!"
08/29/2010 page 135
18.0% "If Dakar thinks he has it bad, he should spend a day in Verrain's shoes...living in a swamp infested with wraith-possessed poisonous serpents..." 1 comment
08/30/2010 page 153
21.0% "Am really enjoying this book (and the series), but sometimes I wish I could read it faster. I see the potential for a traffic jam!"
08/31/2010 page 160
22.0% "One hundred pages to go in this chapter set. Am finding this set a struggle, but it's a me thing..."
09/02/2010 page 260
35.0% "End of the second chapter set. Things are about to get interesting...although when are they not in this series :)"
09/04/2010 page 261
35.0% "Starting the third chapter set..."
09/06/2010 page 338
46.0% "Oh Dakar...stop plotting and see (not just look) what is in front of you!"
09/06/2010 page 407
55.0% "End of the chapter set! I so wish Dakar would think about the consequences of his actions..."
09/11/2010 page 451
61.0% "Sometimes I think that Arithon is fighting against nature itself...everything seems against him." 2 comments
09/13/2010 page 540
73.0% "Elaira has to walk such a fine line...to not betray various allegiances."
09/14/2010 page 585
79.0% "Second-to-last chapter set complete. After reading a number of romance novels since last I read this book and discovering I need to know the how and why to falling in love...I'm not quite sure I buy it in this book..."
09/19/2010 page 587
80.0% "Final chapter set."
09/20/2010 page 613
83.0% "It is said there are three sides to any story. All I can say is Lysaer spins a good yarn..."
09/21/2010 page 641
87.0% "I'm really hoping that a scene I remember reading when I first read this book wasn't just in my imagination...because otherwise there will be much yelling."
09/22/2010 page 673
91.0% "Everything is about to explode... And while I normally would never say this, I am very happy a particular character met his end the way he did!" 3 comments
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