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The Door in the Dragon's Throat by Frank E. Peretti
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Aug 24, 2016

liked it
bookshelves: young-adult
Read in March, 1991

** spoiler alert ** This one review will serve for all the books I read in this series, which was only the first 4. I read them all in middle school; 8th grade, I think. They are The Door in the Dragon's Throat, Escape from the Island of Aquarius, The Tombs of Anak, and Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea. I barely remember the first two. One of them had a scene with a bridge. I also barely remember the third, but I do remember liking it the best out of the 4, mostly due to the monster that was in it. The 4th one I remember rather well because of the ending, which I'll share in a few sentences.

This is a Christian based series, and not bad at all. A father and his two kids (preteen or early teenage) are archeologists, and their adventures are kind of Indiana Jonesish. They are devout Christians, and have complete faith in God to see them through whatever trials they encounter, which are many and quite dangerous. In the 4th installment the daughter (the younger of the 2 kids) had cross words with the dad, and takes a flight home from wherever they are. The plane crashes in the water, and she's trapped in some safe thing that was on the plane for several hours, or maybe even a couple of days. She has an oxygen bottle for air. She, as well as her dad and brother, pray all is ok, and do what they can to get her out of the predicament. Finally the safe is opened some kind of way, and she swims out dropping her O2 bottle behind her. The person who opened the thing is amazed because she had been in there for hours (or maybe even a couple of days, as I said before), and the bottle was supposed to have only enough air for a half hour. That scene always struck me, because even though it looked like she was up shit creek throughout the entire book, God was taking care of her by giving her more air than she was supposed to have, and ensuring that she lived on to dig in the dirt another day.

I remember feeling like the series was a bit preachy, but it's Christian based, so that should be expected. If you're not into that kind of thing, then the preachy bit would probably detract from the stories themselves. If you are, and you also like suspense, and adventure, and you're also a preteen, then this is the perfect mix for you! Check it out.

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