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May 09, 2011

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"Whoever said it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved was full of crap."

I cannot believe I finally caved in. After the drama of the third book and what it did to my state of mind I declared it unsafe and potentially harmful to myself to read this book. But I am weak. So so weak. *hangs head*

See, I am absolutely crazy about this series. Just how crazy I am might become obvious after I have given you a glimpse into my twisted little mind. Even while my review and status updates might convince you otherwise, let me be clear about something right from the start. I am Team Nash. All the way. I know he messed up pretty badly in book 3 and, well, also in book 4, IMO, but nevertheless, I love that guy. Now there are people who think Kaylee should end up with Tod in the end - I will come back to that again later on - but I strongly disagree. And do you know what I think whenever I see people mentioning how they want Kay and Nash to break up? I wish they would just shut up -

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- and hope that Rachel Vincent doesn’t read these reviews and take it to heart that there are so many people who obviously prefer Tod over Nash and I’m afraid that because of this she's going to let Kay end up with Tod instead and OMG that would just about kill me. Does that make you understand how far gone I am? I am turning into a freakin’ troll. But admitting your problem is the first step on the road to recovery, right? RIGHT?

Oh and just for the record: There is no Kaylee-Nash-Tod love triangle. Dammit!

So, why am I this obsessed? For one thing, I like the whole banshee concept. It’s a breath of fresh air, at least I haven’t seen anything like this in YA before but even while I think the concept is refreshing, I also feel like the existence of banshees is kinda pointless. I mean, what good is a banshee? They can tell when somebody’s about to die, big deal, but what’s the use? It’s not like they’re getting anything out of it, right? Or can do anything about it, for that matter. Because whenever they interfere, somebody else has to die instead. And let’s not even talk about the male banshees. They are utterly useless. I know what they can do with their abilities but still, I don’t really see the point. Nevertheless, the banshees, the reaper, the Netherworld, the whole borrowed time’s all pretty cool, IMO.

Now about this particular installment of the Soul Screamers series...(it might get a little spoilery now but if you have seen my status updates you are already "spoiled" so no need to worry...)

I am so unbelievably pissed off that I really don’t know how to rate this. On the one hand, I should give it 5 stars for making me scream, for making me cry and for basically driving me insane but on the other hand, I should only give it 1 star because of the exact same reasons. That was just a bit too much drama for me. No wait, drama is not the right word. This was torture. I was dragged in so many different directions, emotionally speaking, that I felt like I would tear. Rachel Vincent stretched me to, and beyond my personal breaking point. I went from feeling sorry for Nash, to hating him, to loving him, to wanting to rip his balls off and ending up feeling betrayed, hurt, sad, angry and being totally confused. Same with Kaylee and Tod. Not with Sabine, though. I just plain hate her. She can go drown somewhere for all I care. It’s like Kaylee said. "Nash and I were like the wreckage of two cars that had hit head-on. We were tangled up in each other so thoroughly that I could no longer tell which parts of us were him and which were me. We could probably never be truly untangled – not after what we’d been through together – but I had serious doubts we could ever really recapture what we’d had." The whole situation is such a big stinking mess and it just hurts So.Fucking.Much. And you know what the worst part is? Rachel Vincent took away my hope because I honestly don’t see how Kaylee and Nash will ever make this work again. And I am very unhappy with Rachel because of that.

Now it’s getting really spoilery so stay away if you haven't read the other books!

Alright, I need to get back again to that Tod business. What is all this talk about him and Kaylee ending up together? That’s bullshit, IMO. I mean, he is a reaper, He.Is.Dead., so why on earth would it be better for Kaylee to be with him? Furthermore, he’s losing touch with his humanity. Just look at how differently he’s behaving in this book from how he was behaving in Reaper. He’s becoming less and less human. But back to what’s actually said in the book. What’s all this crap about how Kaylee doesn’t need Nash but Sabine does? What kind of argument is that? Nash LOVES Kaylee and she LOVES him and just because some people think it would be better if they were with someone else instead they should just end their relationship now? Kaylee should just send Nash back to Sabine? What the hell?

It doesn’t work like that! But ok, for the sake of argument let’s say Nash and Sabine really should be together because they both need each other and because they’re equally messed up. So, could someone please explain to me why Kaylee would need Tod? Or Alec, for that matter? She doesn’t need any of the three. This argument is ridiculous. You know, I was pretty pissed off at Kaylee in this book, I think she let Nash down and I hated how she just kept pushing him away and into Sabine’s arms but at the end of the day, I am on her side and first and foremost, I am Team Kaylee. So screw you Nash, screw you Sabine and screw you Tod.

What also annoyed me was how everybody kept using the fact that Nash only gave away memories of his time with Kaylee, to prove that he doesn’t love her all that much. Well, Avari wasn’t interested in any other memories. He specifically asked for those because in the long run, he wanted to hurt Kaylee and I honestly believe that Nash wasn’t aware of the consequences. As he said, he didn’t realize that the memories would be worthless if he couldn’t feel them anymore. The only thing that’s really inexcusable IMO is the fact that he let Avari possess Kaylee on a regular basis.

*sigh* I could go on like this forever but I really need to put this behind me now. I'm already afraid that I need to get therapy because of this book...So, altogether I found this rather unsatisfying and the ending was not worth the torture. This was just too much relationship drama for me.
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Jessica Should I really do it? I’ve been strong for so long but someone *cough cough* has set this directly in front of my nose and now I’m sooo tempted. What to do?

Jessica Oh, and that someone is also going to be held personally responsible if I damage my Kindle in a jealousy-induced fit of rage ;-)))

message 5: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ LOL Jess! I think it was you who told me to wait to read these book cause of the end. I only read the first one.
Happy reading! lol

Jessica Yep, that was me and I'm sticking with it. For me it's already too late but you can still be saved! ;)

message 7: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ I think I'm just gonna take these books off my tbr-own shelf...just in case someone challenges me >.<

Jessica I will tell you whether I still think that this is a good idea after I have finished this one :)

message 9: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ Thanks babe!

message 10: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora Hmm . . . I hate relationship drama.

I think I'll wait until the last book is released. (Whenever that may be.)

message 11: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ I'm sorry you had to go through the torture hun. I hear ya, I'll read these books once it's complete. Thanks for the heads up!

message 12: by Lucy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lucy Vincent is the QUEEN of weird relationship drama.

Jessica Have you read her Shifter series? I only read the first one and didn't like it.

message 14: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ L M A O Jess! You are filled with many conflicting emotions my friend and I know I'm technically not suppose to read your review yet, but I couldn't help it. Loved it and love how utterly passionate you are about this series. You are too cute! A huge part of me wants to drop all the books I'm reading and run to these books, but no, I must be strong and wait till the last book is in my hands, it looks like I'm in for a huge emotional roller-coaster.
Sorry you loved it! Sorry you hated it! lol Awesome freaken review!!

Jessica LOL ^^ Thank you, Tina! I've rarely been this emotional about a book. I really don't know what's up with that and I actually feel kinda stupid for it. I mean, it's only some paranormal YA fiction but I just can't help myself. I honestly don't know how you will feel about these books and whether you will be as crazy about them as me but judging by what I've seen so far I am pretty sure that you will at least really like them.

message 16: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Okay I need to read these too now. LOL your review was fun to read even though I haven't started this series.

message 17: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ Tsk! You should never feel stupid about how a book makes you feel. Hell, this is the best part of reading!! If a book make you feel like this then I'm definitely going to love it. I loved the first one but I'm SO glad I waited. You have me crazy-curious and scared shitless. Kudos my friend!

Jessica Thanks Arlene! You really should try them someday :)

Tehe ^^ I feel kinda sorry about making you this curious but only kinda :) I'm looking forward to freaking out about these books with you :)

message 19: by ~Tina~ (new) - added it

~Tina~ Insanity loves company, or so I've heard ;-) Tehe!

chants ~don't touch these books till Sept~

Jessica LOL XD

*groans* Oh God, September is still SO far away! :(

Wendy Darling This was my least favorite SS book because of the whole Sabine thing. Nash and Kaylee both were kind of idiots in this book, which was upsetting since they've been so cute together up until this point!

I kind of wish I hadn't read the early If I Die review that slightly spoils (view spoiler)

message 22: by Jessica (last edited May 16, 2011 12:14PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jessica I agree, they were indeed both idiots.

(view spoiler)

Wendy Darling It'll be interesting to see what happens. Your saying this was "literary torture" is right on the mark, because I had a lot of negative feelings after reading this one.

Btw, I wasn't a fan of RV's Shifter series, either. I kept reading because people said the books got better, but it wasn't enough to overcome a seriously unlikable heroine, in my opinion. I also HATE the choice she makes. At least with Soul Screamers I'm okay with either boy (sorry Jess!!!).

Jessica Yeah, this was one of those books that really dragged me down. :-/

I didn't even finish the first book because I couldn't stand Faythe. I guess if I had kept on reading I would have probably liked Jace better than the other guy...not sure, though. ^^

LOL, no need to feel sorry :)

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't understand people wanting her to be with Tod either, but maybe the author will go in that direction? I hope not. To me she only gave layers to the Nash/Kay relationship, it made it real. It's kinda funny when people bail on them because he's not perfect. Well, she isn't either. And it Tod's speech baffled me. Really, since she doesn't need him she should give up on him? Like you said, they love each other and that's what matters. And Tod shouldn't go around telling people what to do. He lost major points with me after that.

Alyssa I'm all for the Kaylee+Nash relationship (hate Tod), but I'm also Team Kaylee before anything. But seriously - what's with the whole "team" thing? Really? There's no competition. Tod isn't even a FACTOR.

Great review. :)

Lorena Wow you summed up my opinion 100%.

Jessica Tehe :)

Sunnykimmy I'm also team Kaylee. But not team Nash *scowls*. And I agree with you that this book had too much relationship drama. Anyway I think that the reason why Averi took Nash's memories of Kaylee,is also because those were the most valuable. Nash said in the last book that Averi was only interested in his most valuable memories, therefore those of his father and those of Kaylee. Conclusion: Kaylee will always be more important to Nash than Sabine even without the memories to support that.

message 30: by Jen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jen you just said everything I'm thinking and feeling right now.I don't want to read the next book because I know where she is going and I hate it!!!

Lindsay This is a great review and I completely agree with you. At the end of My Soul to Keep, I was really afraid that Rachel Vincent was going to change course in the middle of the series with Kaylee and Nash, and I'm really irritated that I was right.

She's done such a good job of investing us in Kaylee and Nash that brining Sabine back into his life is a huge mistake.

Every time Sabine told Kaylee to let Nash go, I got irritated. All I could think was "You don't love him, you stalk him and are obsessed with him."

Tod's speech really angered me. I had liked him up until that point now I really hate him.

Sunnykimmy also has a point that Averi only took Nash's most valuable memories, so why is Kaylee even listening to Sabine about Nash being willing to give her up buy not Sabine?

I've enjoyed the series up until now, but it seems like the author is changing facts to suit her new direction.

message 32: by Sam (last edited Apr 20, 2012 01:48AM) (new)

Sam Martin Hello!!! I love your comment that I have to sign up and voice my opinion!! Before I write, pleases excuse my spelling and grammar. I just started this series this week and I was hook!! Thank you because people like you who take the time to write a review does help other readers!  You take the words out of my mouth. I am feeling your pains about the series. I like Nash and yes he isn't perfect but Kaylee is either!  I am almost done with this book (and I will start listens to the next one on my mp3 player later on today) but Kaylee and Nash are driving me crazy!!! Yes Nash gave up his memory of her and let her be use for Frost but she really does not have a clue about people and their addiction and how they are willing to sell their soul to get their next fit! It have nothing to do with if he really love me enough he should has stop! It doesn' t work that way or many people will had stop long time ago. I understand Kaylee not trusting him totally being off the drug because people do fall off the wagon. It only been 2 weeks and that to little of time to ask her to go on blind faith that he wont do Frost. But she cans give him support as a friend. Is that to hard to do?  Plus where is Tod supports as a brother for Nash? Why wasn't Tod there to help him when Nash needed someone to talk to? I know the relationship is on thin ice for what Nash has done to Kaylee but he is still his brother.  Isn't that one of the reason he take the job as reaper?  I know that the only person that can save Nash is Nash but he can use some support from those who claim to love him! And  not from that crazy Sabine that everyone try to talk  Kaylee to go of Nash because Sabine need him more. If anything Sabine will cause Nash to slip back to the Frost with her crazy attitude!  I have to say that I love Kaylee slapping Sabine in the parking lot (LOL)! 

I'm one of those people who hate surprise and love spoiler! If I didn't check for spoiler I will be emotion reck and wanting to throw my mp3 at the wall for not liking what happening in the audiobook!
Sorry if it seen that I'm all over the place!! I was just hoping that we would get to see their (Kaylee And Nash) relationship grow and they find away to over the hump ( mountain ) and find their way back to each other! By reading everyone comment that not going to happen ! Therefore I'm bracing for shock!!! Pleasssssee don't let Kaylee hook up with Tod!!!!!

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