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Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen
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Aug 15, 2010

really liked it
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Read in December, 2010

Bright Young Things follows the story of three young adult girls, Cordelia, her best friend Letty and Astrid during the 1920's era. I love this era and have been very excited to read this book. What I enjoyed most was the era and the way Anna switches back and forth between each character. She doesn't announce that each chapter has a new voice which continues to follow the lives of the three girls and how they interact with each other, but she does it in a very subtle manner. Each of the character's voices is unique and shares a different side of this bustling era.

Cordelia and Letty are from OH and find themselves in NY. Cordelia came to find the father she never knew and Letty to follow her dreams of being a dancer. Astrid and Cordelia quickly hit it off, as Artrid is dating Cordelia's brother (whom Cordelia just met). Bright Young Things has a very fast moving plot that gives way to small adventures to each of the characters. Each of them is yearning for something and in finding out what that is will cause heartache and need to feel a sense of belonging. The only thing that bothered me with this trio was Cordelia and Letty's falling out when they arrive to NYC. To me, it didn't seem too realistic as they've grown up best friend, and upon getting to the city have a fight over something stupid and then don't talk to each other for a long time. I did however like how Anna makes their paths cross again in the story.

I really liked how Anna allowed us to see the 1920's era through the eyes of the three characters. It was fascinating to see Cordelia's family dynamics, Astrid's social life and Letty trying to fulfill her dreams. Like reality, not everything is how it seems. That's saying something with out giving anything anyway. I also liked Cordelia's brother Charlie, as he's protective of his family and the family business and I'll admit I'm totally heartbroken over Thom! I won't give anything away, but I am eager to find out what really happened in the sequel to Bright Young Things.

I enjoyed the friendships between Cordelia, Letty and Astrid. While reading the book I wanted a little more character depth from them, but now that I've finished reading the book, I don't think that would have fit with the story. Bright Young Things is written in a fast paced manner that allowed me to know the characters and understand why they make the choices they do. It's a fun read, with romance, fashion and brings to light the glitz of the 1920's.
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message 1: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby - YT: allthingsequilateral This looks soooooo good.

Katieb (MundieMoms) This book is a YOU book! You'll love it. I'm sending you the excerpt. :)

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