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Not Without Hope by Nick Schuyler
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Sep 08, 2010

it was amazing
Read in August, 2010

I read this account of the survivor's harrowing and hellish journey on a fishing trip that had gone horribly wrong. It is very well written and at times, I felt I was there suffering along with him. It may be irritating since I read this on the way to vacation, and it was far from suffering the body break down from hythermia and starvation.

I could not get over how ten seconds worth stupidity could lead to such tragedy and hate to say it but it was really a dumb thing to do. I imagine I might have done that or not say anything if someone had the same idea.

It seems that the prices of things really shift rapidly from a two hundred dollars anchor to that precious bag of pretzel and Gatorade, which probably cost less than five dollars. The cost of three men lost over such a small minded petty thing that Marquis Cooper had been worried about, the anchor that only cost two hundreds dollars is really baffling. It is like Shakespeare's, Henry Fifth in which the king screamed, 'a horse! My kingdom for a horse!' The value of things sure is relative when it comes down to the nail biting survival lost at sea.

I also can not get over Marquis Cooper's comment that 'sharks are stupid' especially when he had the bright idea to attach the anchor to the back of the boat and flipping the whole thing and sending everyone tumbling into the fucking ocean to save two hundred bucks. That sounds like something I would have brought up if I was floating in the middle of the ocean with them and started crying about the sharks. If I was not smart enough to say it under my breath, I might have been the only guy beaten to death in the middle of the ocean. There's a reason why sharks survive since the Jurassic Age.

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