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Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
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Jun 15, 11

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2011, five-stars, fantastic
Read from June 13 to 14, 2011

The world of Kate Daniels is like a vast ocean. It looks so plain and simple from the outside, but if you dive deeper it's a myriad of wonders. It is amazing that with each book (this is book 5), there is no better or worse but the story stands for itself- it gives you different emotions and excitement that it's like tasting a new dish each time.

What can I say? I loved it. I lapped up every word. I have never seen a female character as strong as Kate but still rational and vulnerable that cares so much for her loved ones. She is not perfect and she knows it, she admits it and faces her demons head on. Kate is like my role model for facing troubled times. I'm not saying take a sword and start a massacre, but knowing when to let things go, waiting for the right timing and persevering even when times are so tough that you want to break down. Ilona Andrews has molded Kate Daniels perfectly; she is the perfect female character- at least, to me.

You can also see from the writing that much research has gone into it and there were elements of both Ilona and Gordon injected into it, for example the military aspects and scientific aspects. There were no empty or boring moments and I loved the Kate and Andrea team! Ascanio is also a wonderful new introduction to the story and with each book, there are no simple "demons" or "vampires" but a whole new different concept of monsters or evil that is refreshing.

A small detail that bugs me is Curran. I don't advocate violence against women and not that he abuses her or anything, but some of the 'sparring' scenes made me frown. However, it is understandable that he is the pack leader and they have a different way of doing things.

If you couldn't already tell, this book was stellar.

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Quotes Amanda Liked

Ilona Andrews
“What's with the beard and the horse mane? You look like Rent-a-Villain."

The volhv's eyes widened. He raised his hand at me. "Well you don't look... female... in your pants."

"That's a hell of an insult. Did you think of it all by yourself or did you ask your god for help?”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“Did he just rip out the engine?" I asked.
"Yes", Saiman said. "And now he is demolishing the Maserati with it."
Ten seconds later Curran hurled the twisted wreck of black and orange that used to be the Maserati into the wall.
The first melodic notes of an old song came from the computer. I glanced at Saiman.
He shrugged. "It begged for a soundtrack.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“Yes I can,” Curran snarled. “Listen: this is me telling you what you will not do.”
I raised the cookbook and tapped him on the nose. Bad cat.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“I’d missed him so much, it almost hurt. It started the moment I left the Keep and nagged at me all day. Every day I had to fight with myself to keep from making up bullshit reasons to call the Keep so I could hear his voice. My only saving grace was that Curran wasn’t handling this whole mating thing any better. Yesterday he’d called me at the office claiming that he couldn’t find his socks. We talked for two hours.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays
tags: love

Ilona Andrews
“Andrea raised her hand. “This is the hand that slapped Aunt B.”
“Maybe you should have it gold-plated.”
“Here, you can touch it, since you’re my best friend.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“I got a dog-training book. It says Grendel needs mental stimulation, so I tried to train him, but I think he must be retarded.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“I looked at him. "You really need to work on your threats. I can't tell if you're threatening me or inviting me for tea.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“Runes, runes, runes... Runes. An inverted Algiz rune. The caption next to it said “Chernobog.” The Black God. Right. Of course, it wouldn’t be Chernobog, God of Morning Dew on the Rose Petals, but a woman could always hope.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“It’s your duty as my best friend to be outraged with me.”
“I’m outraged!” I snarled. “That bastard!”
“Thank you,” Andrea said.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“Say 'pop.'"
"That was the sound of me pulling your head out of your ass.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“They really kicked me out?"
"Refunded the tuition and everything."
Julie blinked a couple of times coming to grips with this tidbit. "So what happens now?"
"I expect you'll be a bum. Homeless and jobless begging on the street for a crust of bread..."
"Oh, alright, I suppose if you come by the office once in a while I'll give you a sandwich. You can squat in the office on the floor when it gets too cold outside. We can even get you a little blanket to lie on...”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“I came to the table, pulled up a chair, and sat.

“Everyone brought a pet. I feel left out.”

An enthusiastic howl broke the silence, and Grendel bounded through the doorway. He galloped through the steak house, skidded on the floor, smashed into my chair, and dropped a dead rat on my lap.

Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

Ilona Andrews
“Does Curran not involve you in his strategic sessions?” Ghastek asked.

“Nope, I’m just here to look pretty.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays
tags: humor

Ilona Andrews
“I did some thinking.”

“That is a very dangerous pastime,” Ghastek said.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays
tags: humor

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Tina This was good. What do you think so far?

Amanda Tina wrote: "This was good. What do you think so far?"

I LOVED it. Minor flaws, but nothing I can't overlook.

Tina It was Kate that needed those sparring sessions. It was her way to work off her anger and frustration. Curran would never hurt her to actually hurt her. That's why they work together. Of course this would never fly in the real world. But either would jealous control freak alpha boyfriends. They are so hot in books, but not so hot in real life.

I liked Ascanio too. I'm really interested in were Kate and Jennifer's relationship is going. I can see them getting to be good friends. Or at least I'd like that.

Amanda Oh no, don't get me wrong, I completely understand that Kate needs it. I just cringed a bit at certain parts of the sparring when I imagine it in my head.

Tina LOL

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