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The Executioner by Chris Carter
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Aug 14, 2010

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Read from December 26 to 28, 2010

Whoa. When I started the book, I thought I was getting one serial killer but I got two instead.

The good part:

It wasn't hard for me to be completely absorbed in the book. The crimes in the book were just too messy and twisted. If I didn't read the author's background, I would've thought him nuts. Are you freaking kidding me? Here's a chilling part from the tenth page (it doesn't reveal more than the synopsis at the back):

Hunter stood perfectly still. His eyes absorbing the scene as the adrenalin flooded his senses. On the stone floor just outside the confessional, surrounded by a pool of blood, the decapitated cassock lay on its back. It's been purposely positioned. Its legs were stretched out. Its arms crossed over it's chest. But Hunter's main focus was on the head.
A dog's head.
It's been attached to a wooden spike and then rammed down the neck's stump, making the body on the floor look a qrotesque, human/dog mutation.
The dog's lips were dark purple. Its thin, long tongue has stained black with blood and was hanging to the left of the deformed mouth. The eyes were wide open and a dull milky white. Its short fur was caked a dark red. Hunter took a step forward and crouched down next to the body. He wasn't an expert in dog breeding, but he could tell that the head used was that of a street mutt.

I almost forgot the feeling a good crime book can bring. The Executioner was a perfect suspence novel--the suspense made me go from short chapter to short chapter like a maniac. Not a single moment (almost) was spent for nothing. With every page, a new thing has been discovered. I only was able to deduce who the killer was correctly in the last 100 pages, so I guess that must count for something.

The bad part:

I thought Detective Robert Hunter was too good. It annoyed me how typical it was that he was the detective that never missed a thing and his parter was the one of lesser intellect. Hunter was doing most of the reasoning and thinking while Detective Garcia wasn't contributing to much except for legwork and continuing Hunter's sentences when it's too obvious. It doesn't make sense for him to be such a high-leveled detective with the deducing skills of an amateur. Carter hadn't thought of this well.

Another thing that annoyed the living daylight out of me was a fling scene in the middle when things were getting too good. It didn't affect the storyline at all and was even with a character that we never got to know. There doesn't have to be any romance subplot in crime stories. Who even made that rule?

And how come 99% of the women in the book are attractive? I swear, if you read the book, you'd notice most of it's female characters (even secondary characters) were attractive.

Plus, Hunter's character was one-dimentional. He was there because of the plot and not the other way around.


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Mickelo good review .. thanks for the heads up on this one..

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