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Underground by Kat Richardson
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Aug 14, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, fantasy
Read from August 15 to 16, 2010

I always expect...and want these books to be better than they are. I forgot, in the elapsed time between the last one I read and this one exactly why I hadn't picked it up sooner.

I like good urban fantasy, and like many I try most new series hoping for "good-reads" :). These don't stink. I read the first 2 and then set the series aside...because they just aren't that good. They are a good idea, and they at times begin to draw me in, but then always lose me.

This one started out slowly but finally picked up once Harper "sort of" got her private life a little "sorted" out...in a way, a little, maybe, we hope. Well, maybe "almost sorted out", or something, (sigh). Some of you like more romance in your books than I do. Some doesn't bother me if it's handled right, but please deliver me from soap-opera. I will say no more lest I include a spoiler...but suffice it to say we needed to get the romance angle handled so we could "move on" with the story.

Here we follow Harper Blaine into more "Grey trouble" (I'm not sure why it's not "Gray" trouble since Ms. Richardson is American, but I suppose it's not that important...just makes one wonder???) as homeless people vanish...or have become zombies.

A note here, some writers can do social commentary in there books and not have it get in the way of the story, others....not so much. Nuff said.

The story rambles about a bit and then picks up. It drew in my interest, and lost it again several times. I'll give the writer this that after positing a fairly far out answer to her plot (even for a supernatural novel) she stayed with it and didn't flinch away...even when it did get a little silly.

With a mixture of strengths and weaknesses the book didn't completely drive me away, and I may get the audio of the next one (I had already listed it as "to read")as I can listen as I do other things... but so far these are still far from reads I'd "search out".
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message 1: by MrsJoseph (new)

MrsJoseph Uh oh, I bought this today from the library store. I only paid $1 but this isn't looking hopeful...

Mike (the Paladin) You may like it more than I did. I read the first in the series out of a "need a new UF" craving and read the next 2 sort of with a break between. I didn't hate them but I could never really like them either. Let me know what you think. Have you read the first 2?

message 3: by MrsJoseph (new)

MrsJoseph Nope, lol! I just found it HB at the library for $1 and I snapped it up. I bought like 10 or so books for $6.


Mike (the Paladin) LOL. Well, let me know what you think.

message 5: by MrsJoseph (new)

MrsJoseph Mike (the Paladin) wrote: "LOL. Well, let me know what you think."

:D can I read out of order?

Mike (the Paladin) Probably won't matter a lot. No spoilers but the "plot device" is that our protagonist died briefly and when she "came back" a part of her can still see or enter "the Grey". You get a little information as to what's happening as you go and meet some continuing characters. You'll miss a bit but you'll probably pick up all you need without much trouble.

message 7: by MrsJoseph (new)

MrsJoseph Cool!

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