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I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
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Jan 11, 11

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Read from November 07 to 12, 2010

Yes, I Am Number Four was written by James Frey and Jobie Hughes. Many people would be familiar with Frey's marketing scam with his fictional memoir. However, just disregard that episode--Four is actually really good.

If you're like me - new to the sci-fi scene, perhaps a reluctant reader of the genre - you'll be repelled, or apprehensive, by the thought of reading about aliens. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Okay, so while the overall pitch of the novel was fairly straight-forward and predictable - in that the main character is the hero and is the "last chance", and a big battle breaks out between "good" and "evil" - I found myself so immersed within the novel and all that happens.

I Am Number Four tells of an alien from Lorien, who is among the last of nine baby aliens on a mission to save their species and planet from the Mogadorians, who we learn are a land-sucking anti-species to the Loriens. John Smith, 15, is an alien. But he'd much rather be a normal high school kid: make friends, go to school. When he is suddenly akin to his first "Legacy", he is both shocked and amazed. The Lorien race's last hope, is those last remaining.

The characters are both a positive and negative aspect for me. They are far too perfect, especially Sarah, Four's love interest. However, I loved a lot of the characters by the end, so while I couldn't connect with any character on any personal level, I still enjoyed learning more about them and actually grew to care about what happened to them. The big battle got me quite emotional. :P

The writing style, which I just realised I've been completely neglecting lately in my reviews. I'm not sure how I feel about the writing style with this one. It wasn't eloquent or sophisticated, but if it had been it wouldn't have suited the story. So, with that said, the way the book was written sits in the "fine" category with me. I love a well written narrative, but that is never a necessity, especially in the YA genre. In I Am Number Four, everything is simple to imagine in the head.

The one thing I will talk about that I absolutely hated, pinning it down, is the relationship shared between Four and Sarah. It was incredibly cheesy, and after about a week of knowing each other, they're exchanging "I love you"'s and acting like an old married couple - the loving kind, not the bickering kind. It was pretty sickening at times, and I'm glad that the novel ended the way it did, because [possible spoiler!] it pretty much ensures that we won't be seeing Sarah anymore.
Thanks so much I HEART MONSTER for hosting the read-a-long. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have picked up my review copy so early, but I'm so, so glad that I did because this one is was really enjoyable. Even among all the bad reviews that I've seen (but not read through). I can't wait to watch the movie, but I'm also a bit worried that it won't be as good or as detailed as the book was.

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11/07/2010 page 37
8.0% "I didn't plan on reading this so soon, but I Heart Monster is holding a read-a-thon, so I may as well. :P"
11/08/2010 page 115
31.0% "Very, very interesting so far! So far it's exceeding my expectations."
11/10/2010 page 225
61.0% "Amazing. I'm LOVING it so far. Just wish the relationship between Four and Sarah weren't so god-damn cheesy."
11/11/2010 page 263
71.0% "Intense last couple of chapters! Can't wait to read more--only 2 more days of Read-a-long left! :)"
11/12/2010 page 313
85.0% "The end is near! The last day of the read-a-thon is upon us. The last few chapters were SO intense. It was a bit painful to stop when I had to. Don't be surprised if I finish it later tonight."

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Brooke I really enjoyed this one, look forward to your review!

Cass -  Words on Paper I'm enjoying it so far, to be honest! What a heart-racing prologue! :)

Jamie i really liked it i won it in a giveaway so are u going to watch movie with alex pettyfier and glee's diana agron? i think she be a great sara :D

Cass -  Words on Paper Wow, is Diana going to be Sara! I can totally see her as Sara. I hope I do get to watch the movie. Maybe it'll actually be good. I liked the movie trailer.

Lisa (Badass Bookie) ALEX PETTYFER *swooooon* He is a sexy beast! okay back to the book, don't spoil it Cass I still have to read it!

Cass -  Words on Paper Hahahaha Lisa!! I'm rooting more for Dianna Agron, because I love her on Glee. I think she'd make a great Sarah. I'll try my best not to spoil it. I checked my GR-review (which is like a draft of my blog reviews :P) twice. Btw, I think Alex looks really old. Or maybe it's that jawline...I dunno, I expected Four to look more...wimpy-ish, well, less manly. Hard to explain. You have to be in my head to understand this one.

Did you get yourself a copy? You should have joined the read-a-long. It was like 40-60 pages a day with discussion. A whole lot of fun. :)

Ifmarybooks I've bought this book because of the movie that will comes out next year with Alex Pettyfer :D !!!

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