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The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert
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Aug 14, 2010

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bookshelves: 2010, world-war-ii
Read in July, 2010

This was a three part story to three very diffrent people in world war II, I had never read a book like this one but it was fun. The only thing all three had in common was their love for photography, or how photo's saved their life. I liked that it was three short stories instead on long book that dragged. The first young man was a German, his family joined the party like all good Germans did who wanted to keep their jobs. He studied with a famous photographer and loved developing photo's, he also was very observant and could keep track of numbers like no one else. This young man started noticing that the train station was going under construtiion just before the war and that the number of trains increased and so did the rumors about the nazi's. He was convinced that Berlin was slowly loosing all it's people so he kept track of trains, dates and times to see how long it would take before Berlin had no people left in it. The secrets about the trains changed this young man forever.

The second story was about a young women who secretly fed Jewish prisoners in a camp by leaving bread in a hollowed out tree just outside the rock yard where the prisoners worked. In turn she would pass notes and film canisters on the the resitance, she left Germany when the war was over never knowing if what she did for those prisoners was enough. She carried heavy guilt and secrets with her into her new life and country until one day her daughter a researcher found a man who had been a prisoner in that camp as a young man and knew the truth of that one womens brave act.

The second story was of a lost little boy who got stranded out in a bomb raid on his city, all the homes were destroyed but he hid in underground sewer line. When he came out everything was gone, the city his family and friends. He walked the streets for days until he found an abandoned photo studio with a bolted metal door, behind the door lay a dark room full of film, camera's and supplies. He spent his days looking for food and reading the photography books and camera manuals. In time he grew to love his new home and found a skill to be used after the way.

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Virna I wondered whether you read the same book, b/c your version of the 2nd and 3rd stories are different with my version (and the rest of the reviewers' here). The 2nd story is about Lore, and the last story is about Michael, who wanted to learn about his grandpa's involvement in killing of Jews in Belarus.

message 2: by Joanne (new) - added it

Joanne I'm wondering the same thing. This is nothing like the book I read.

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