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Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
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Aug 13, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: loathed
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Informal Review:
Scratch that promise of seeing this book until the end. I'll not touch this trash again, not even with a ten-foot limbo pole.

I've never burned a book before. Frankly, I'm against such abuse. But this might be the first.

Formal review:
I think my progress updates and the informal review say about enough. Having read and loved Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, I had high expectations for her sister's Wuthering Heights. I heard a lot of praises, with the exemption of the plot, so I didn't know what I was expecting. As the book unfolded during the first hundred pages, I finally drew the conclusion that this novel was written badly (I hated the interchanging first-person narrative, no matter how original it is at the time this was released) and, above all, I harbored horrid distaste towards all the characters. They really are insufferable. I loathed them. And not the good kind either! When I hate a character in a book, it usually meant for me that the character was strong enough to elicit real emotions from me, and I always end up liking a book that has a tough hateable character in it (Dolores Umbridge, Jack Merridew, Hatsumomo, among others). But not this time. I'm not biting. There is nothing good about a book wherein every character you encounter is someone you hated. What's to love about the book, then?

Sure, there's the hint of romance, but it's the psychotic, unhealthy, stalkerish Twilight crap all over again that so distorts humanity's view of true romance! All the characters long to hate and hurt (and, apparently, kill) the other characters. Everyone is either a selfish asshole or infinitely stupid. Nobody is good. Nobody is kind. Nobody is worth remembering.

This godforsaken book isn't "human nature." It's like the darkest place in someone's heart where the devil resided. This is just pure hell on earth.
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Reading Progress

08/06/2012 page 166
39.0% "All the characters are detestable."
08/07/2012 page 184
43.0% "A pox on these characters! What spoiled, selfish inbreds." 2 comments
08/10/2012 page 334
78.0% "I don't want to read this anymore. It's bad for one's health. Too much hate. I'm only continuing to the end to make sure everyone dies and maybe that'll do the waste of paper justice. To call this a "classic" and an "epic" novel! What a hoot and a half!"

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Honey I hate them all, too, for being selfish and stupid! Heathcliff is so evil! He scares me. Also, I agreed with you about the romance, though, it's hard for me to call it a 'romance' because what Catherine-Heathcliff, Linton-Cathy and the other pairings have is a very abusive love.

message 2: by Mags (new) - rated it 1 star

Mags Honey wrote: "I hate them all, too, for being selfish and stupid! Heathcliff is so evil! He scares me. Also, I agreed with you about the romance, though, it's hard for me to call it a 'romance' because what Cath..."

Surprised you rated it 2 stars! I seriously felt like I was going to have an aneurysm from so much hatred in this book. Too dark.

Honey Uhm, the 2nd star serves as a credit to Emily's imagination. Glad you didn't! —because you're one of the few I know who shares my feelings with this book.

Katy I couldn't stand this book either!

message 5: by Mags (new) - rated it 1 star

Mags Katy wrote: "I couldn't stand this book either!"

Haha, glad to hear it! :)

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