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Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers
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Oct 31, 2010

did not like it
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Read from October 26 to 31, 2010

I would like to apologize for this harsh review, because it really is not the fault of the writer as a whole. Her book is just another notch on my annoyance towards Angel/Demon young adult fiction as a whole. If I had not read Once Dead, Twice Shy and that abysmal book Fallen, I might not find this book so repulsive. For a debut novel is not bad in terms of writing. However, the plot leaves a lot to be desired.

First of all, the portrayal of demons and angels in this book is just pathetic. The main male lead of Luc Cain (what a name right? who would have guess he was a demon *head-desk*) whose name is short for Lucifer. He does not live up to the power of his name at all, by page 20 he is already melting into Frannie's "charm" and loosing his demon instincts and falling into the wangst of love. Nothing about him screams "bad-ass". So he wears black and has a piercing *woo-doggie*. He spends most of the novel talking about these "new feelings" he develops for Frannie that somehow turn a seven millennia old demon into a lovesick douche bag, who pisses himself in front of demons he's supposedly known his whole existence.

Satan is in this book and he just comes of a drama-queen. I am a big fan of Paradise Lost and while I know that not every book can develop the devil into a complex character, I would like some effort. He's not unique and in the few seconds we see him, he not only lacks the charisma of a man capable of waging war on God. In addition he doesn't inspire fear to have people think of him as the ultimate evil.

As for the angels. Ugh. First of all they lack any depth because the writer obviously wants you to route for Luc. Also, the character of Gabe aka Gabriel is just an irritating shade of an angel. He just asks like a goodie-goodie lovesick boy. Hard to believe that this is the same guy who is supposed to be a messenger for God. We also have no real insight to the way angels work or act, except they are good guys.

Our main character Frannie has the makings of a good lead. She is a fairly strong lead, with judo skills that give her an edge that a lot of other leads do not possess. However, she is giving a senseless ability that makes her the target of Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately, her personality is irritating. I don't have any problem with her having feelings for two guys (Luc and Gabe), my problem is the way the situation is handled. In addition, when discovered that she has this immense power she becomes selfish. I'm sorry, but when you discover you have the ability to become the next Hitler, there must be a sense of personal responsibility. No, not for Frannie.

For those who might claim I am being too hard on Frannie, let me compare her to the character of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. At twelve he discovered that he had to become the Jesus of his people. While he did angst slightly in the beginning, he realized that you have a responsibility to other people not just yourself. Hopefully Frannie will learn that, but I do not care to read further to find out.

Final Grade: D-

My problem with book like this is that they are not trying to do anything deep. This a story of Heaven and Hell fighting for the soul of a girl who could be the next Hitler and the hook is a love triangle. The romance isn't moving and the characters aren't that complex or compelling.
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10/26 "Not really expecting much from this book, but I'm hoping for at least some decent purple-prose-porn descriptions of guys."
10/26 page 12
3.0% "Luc Cain? Really? There was no other way to scream 'hey I'm a demon?'"
10/27 page 29
8.0% "*giggle**snort* Please...Please don't tell me she ACTUALLY named her character LUCIFER *giggle* Dear God she did. *giggle*"
10/27 page 48
13.0% "This girl better have the most amazing power ever. If she is not the next Jesus Christ or Mohammed or something I am just going to head-desk."
10/27 page 60
16.0% "I don't know why, but his name being Lucifer really bothers me. He's not a bad-ass and why would a demon be permitted to even have that named? Not to mention it goes from being cliche to downright lazy. She should have called him Levi and made it short for Leviathan..." 1 comment
10/29 page 115
30.0% "This is the story of a girl being seduced by forces of Good and evil, which could be so much more interesting if it didn't take place in highschool and it's demon wasn't a love sick pansy."
10/29 page 144
38.0% "Please tell me that Heaven and Hell is not after this girl just because she has foresight. You've got to be kidding me (Head-desk)" 2 comments
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message 1: by Cory (new)

Cory My sirens went off at Cain before I even got that Luc=Lucifer.

message 2: by Lina (new) - rated it 1 star

Lina Cory wrote: "My sirens went off at Cain before I even got that Luc=Lucifer."

You can no give someone that name and then don't bring it on. I mean it's the name of the greatest magnificent bastard of all time!

message 3: by Cory (new)

Cory You can no give someone that name and then don't bring it on. I mean it's the name of the greatest magnificent bastard!

I know, it's like Stephenie Meyer naming Edward, Jacob, and Jacob, Esau. I hate when authors try to be 'deep' but don't understand the actual symbolism of the name.

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Desrochers So sorry Personal Demons didn't do it for you. I'm very glad to see you liked my bestest writing buddies, Courtney Moulton's and Leah Clifford's books, though =)

And, as far as the angel and demon names (and appearances) being cleche, it wasn't really lazy. It was more of the idea that, if angels and demons actually walked the earth, would we recognize them for what they were if the looked and acted exactly as we expected. I had fun with the idea, but not everyone got it. *shrugs*

Anyway, if you loved Angelfire, you'll love Wings of the Wicked even more! Courtney rocks!

message 5: by Lina (new) - rated it 1 star

Lina Lisa wrote: "So sorry Personal Demons didn't do it for you. I'm very glad to see you liked my bestest writing buddies, Courtney Moulton's and Leah Clifford's books, though =)

And, as far as the angel and dem..."

I really am sorry for my harsh review, because I think your writing and your prose was great. However, I am glad that you had a fun time with the book. It really wasn't terrible. I just have a hard time dealing with certain types of books of interpretation of creatures, which is my own fault. Not to mention alot of books have been going in a similar direction and if I haven't read them I probably wouldn't be so harsh

Even though I didn't particularly like it, I am glad for your success and the fans you do have of the book and I do hope that you enjoy writing the sequels to Personal Demons. :)

Tatiana I share your feelings about this book, Princess.

message 7: by S0ra (new)

S0ra Why do you have to apologize for your review? If you don't like the book, it IS the fault of the author. You don't have to grasp for nice things to say just because you didn't like the book. Just because she commented on your review on Goodreads, doesn't mean you have to coddle her and make disclaimers for your opinions. You make valid points - stick by them 100 percent.

message 8: by Kim (new)

Kim What is wrong with me, I totally misread the first sentence.

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