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Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia
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Aug 12, 2010

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Summary (in my own words):

Beautiful Disaster is basically about Lena's decisions that she makes because of all the insecurities about Macon's death, herself, and her being a caster. She wanted someone to talk to who would understand her in a way that Ethan, she thought, never could. Ethan and Lena went through many hard times in their relationship and Lena pushed him away without letting him try to help her. This new kid, John Broode (i think that is his last name) convinces Lena that he understands her and that she doesn't need mortals. Ridley (Lena's Cousin) and John, both followers of darkness, together convince Lena to forget about Ethan, and mortals because they don't matter and no matter what won't understand. Lena turns away from Ethan and eventually starts to get a hatred that she herself doesn't understand. At the same time a Keeper in Training named Olivia (liv) comes to town from England, to start her training with Marian. Lena becomes jealous of Liv, because Ethan in many instances almost kisses her one of those which Lena sees. Other than the whole caster situation liv became another reason for lena to have insecurities about trusting Ethan, and Ethan, Lena because of her relationship with John Broode. everything goes downhill from there and another complication arises, Saraphine, the most powerful dark caster and Abraham the most powerful incubus and caster, join together and are trying to destroy the order of things. John Broode convinces Lena to go to the Great Barrier where both the Caster world and the Mortal world meet. Ethan realizes that lena has really became dark, now that her once green eyes were golden.

Ethan convinces Link and Liv to come with him to the great barrier to find Lena, and in the process they talk to Ethan's dead mom and Macon who has been released from the supernatural holding of the Archlight. Ethan also finds out what really happened the day Macon died. Macon convinces Ethan that he really is the Wayward and Macon, Liv, Ethan, Link, Amma, and all of the Ravenwood family embark on a journey to go save Lena.

They find Lena controlled by Abraham and Saraphine and completely incoherent.

they find out that the 17th moon is actually for Lena and her mother which makes it even more dangerous. Ethan's love for Lena prevails and they save lena from danger at that moment.

they drive off Abraham and Sarafine for the time being and Lena claims herself as half dark and half light (one eye green and one eye golden) only killing a little bit of her family because of the curse.

During the process of saving Lena, Link is bitten by John Breede a half incubus and half caster, which made him a quarter incubus. Ridley has been stripped of her powers (by Abraham and Saraphine) but has something in mind with John Breed that will cause a lot of chaos in the next book.

Even though Lena and Ethan know that they cannot be together they still enjoy the time they have and promise to each other that they will find a way.


Beautiful Disaster was a a really good book. It didn't have that certain pull to me as the first book, but the new idea of Casters, Incubuses, and the Wayward and so on, totally blew my mind. I liked that a lot actually. The whole concept was totally new to me, especially that most books involving magic (i guess you can call this that) are always about Wizards and Witches and what not. This book changed my perspective on that concept.

Lena and Ethan's complicated relationship was kind of what juiced of the story but the whole new ideas that were incorporated in the end of the book were interesting too!

I finally give this book 4.8 stars, mainly because i thought that some parts of the book were dragged on just a bit. But i still loved it.

The book was so complex in the way it was written with so many weaving plot that it made me want to read on. I really like Kami Garcia and Margeret Stohl's writing and can't wait to read the next book where Ethan and Lena's journey will continue and hopefully not to too much Chaos!

This series really is Beautiful.



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