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Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris
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Dec 09, 2010

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Read from August 12 to 14, 2010

My name is Christian- I don’t know what my last name is, because when I was five years old, I decided I’d had enough with boring lessons about how to sip tea properly and wearing silly uncomfortable clothes all day. So I ran away- and that’s how I met Ed. Ed’s my dad. He found me hiding in the woods and tried to take me back to my parents, but I decided I liked Ed way more than them, so I tricked him into adopting me. Oh, yeah, Ed’s also a troll, and he pretends to be all grumpy and troll like most of the time, but I know he’s really just worried about being a good father to me. We live in this cave in the forest, that’s actually really comfortable, and Ed lets me do all the things I really care about. Like inventing things.

I’ve invented all sorts of useful things, like an elevator to bring water from the stream up to our sink. Man, I do not know how people live without indoor plumbing. Not even the people in the castle across the river have a flushing toilet like we do. I can see that castle from my cave, I even came up with an invention, a kind of glass in a tube, that lets me see things up close that are far away. I call it a tube glass. Which brings me to another invention I came up with. It’s called p-mail. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s short for pidgeon mail. I trained this fat little pigeon who lives in our cave to carry messages back and forth from the castle, because in that castle, there’s this girl. She’s smart and funny, and loves to read books, just like me. We p-mail all day long, and I can talk to her about anything and everything. Unfortunately for me, she’s also the princess. And a really unhappy princess at that. Her three sisters all came out perfect and pretty and blond. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Marigold, that’s my princess’s name, is quiet and bookish and cursed. You see, whenever she touches someone, she can see into their minds and know what they’re thinking. Which means that no one ever hugs her or even wants to be anywhere near her because they are afraid she’ll know what’s going on in their heads. The end result is, she’s got no friends, except for me, and I’m pretty sure that her own mother the queen hates her.

That mean old queen is a piece of work. She’s throwing this ball, and basically selling off her own daughter to any prince who’ll take her. And those princes and knights just want to marry Marigold for her money, they don’t care that she’s got a great smile, when she does smile, which isn’t very often, or that her hair is the prettiest shade of brown, like rich mahogany. Believe me, I’ve been spying on some of these guys, and they’re just a bunch of greedy Neanderthals.
And that’s what brings us to why I’m packing up all my worldly possessions and heading to the castle to find a job. I’m the only friend Marigold’s got in the world, and if there is anything I can do to save her, then I’ve gotta try.

This book was a bunny rabbit. Cute, fluffy and made me want to snuggle.
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Raina That bunny rabbit line may be the awesomest oneline review ever. :)

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