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Claire de Lune by Christine   Johnson
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Oct 13, 10

Read from October 11 to 13, 2010

This book....Well In my opinion it was lacking several key things:
- action
- character development
- creativity

There was no action in this book. It was boring with nothing to make me want to continue reading this book. Nothing what so ever.

The characters in this book were quite dull and boring. Claire acted more like a 11yr old, but rather then a 16yr old, and seemed to whine alot.

Creativity.....What's that? I don't know, because this book had NONE. Its the same idea of someone finding out that therre a werwolf...How many times has that been used?

I think taht this would've been a decent book if only more thought had been put into it, it seemed as though it had just been wacked together with no real though put in it.

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 Soph - Lock&Key is this any good?

♥ ĸαяα ♥ no...Not so far...but I practically just started...so hey, you never know

 Soph - Lock&Key hahahaha, I guessed, I saw in in big W and read the blurb then put it down lol. But still, I cant judge :P

♥ ĸαяα ♥ yeah, Claire is starting to irritate me.

 Soph - Lock&Key hahaha most of the time, the main characters do.

♥ ĸαяα ♥ hmmm actually, not for me, the only characters that piss me off is Bella

 Soph - Lock&Key lol, I can agree with that.

 Soph - Lock&Key did you finish it?

hmmm, i was going to pick this book up from the library today, but after your review, maybe not.

♥ ĸαяα ♥ lol you can if you want and yes i did finish it, i have no idea how I managed it though

 Soph - Lock&Key Kara wrote: "lol you can if you want and yes i did finish it, i have no idea how I managed it though"

hahahaha, I dont think I will. I want to read something that is good, not crap. lol. Good luch with halo

♥ ĸαяα ♥ lol, thanks.

 Soph - Lock&Key btw feel better.

♥ ĸαяα ♥ thanks. let me gues...Your in geo? or religion?

 Soph - Lock&Key hehehehehehe religion. my teacher is sitting next to me :( he said this site looks kwl hahahahahahahahahaha

♥ ĸαяα ♥ lol!!!!!! That is hillarious. hahahahahahaha

 Soph - Lock&Key I know, hehehehehehehehehehehe. Best year of religion ever.

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