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The Golden Crown by Chris Heimerdinger
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Aug 11, 2010

it was ok
Read from August 11 to 19, 2010 — I own a copy

This book has gotten really ridiculous. I hope that things improve now that this tripartite story has been beaten to death.

The Golden Crown serves as an extended epilogue to the two previous books. This time Harry is the one who is missing. The problem is that the entire book seems to have no purpose. Harry gets shipwrecked on an island for three years – while only six months pass in his own time. Then he argues with some Greeks, meets Luke, throws in a gratuitous reference to Star Wars – something like “trust your feelings Luke” – inspires Luke to write his account of Jesus’ life, fights with some Scythians, deposes blasphemers in Ephesus, and meets John the Beloved and the Mother Mary. In the middle of it all he learns that he is no longer the one that is missing in this book, instead Mary is suddenly captive. He rescues her with the help of some Nephites who are miraculously good fighters even though they come from a land that is utopian and doesn’t practice war anymore (in the time after Christ’s visit).

Meagan takes Apollus to the future, destabilizes his entire belief system and tells him he’s stupid for not understanding time travel when she hasn’t bothered to explain it to him – all without any attempt to leave him behind or justify her apparent disregard for anachronism. Then she goes back to look for Harry, finds that he is already free and goes back home, proving that her storyline and entire point of view section was completely trivial.

The ending of this book becomes almost comical. Melody is now miraculously cured of cancer in just a few months because Marcos came back. They get married, and, though Marcos is a Nephite who has no job and no money they go on a honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico. Then Harry, who aged three years in six months, gets his mission papers. Somehow his Bishop is not even fazed by the fact that a fifteen-year-old wants to go on a mission… right now. In fact nobody, including cousins and uncles even notice that Harry has aged. Maybe he was a mature 15. He’s also apparently skipped High School with no repercussions. Besides, after spending three years on a Mediterranean island in 73 AD what can High School teach you anyway?

The entire book served as a biblical celebrity meet-a-thon with a lot of setup for the next set of books that are going to, hopefully, conclude the series.

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