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Wicked by Sara Shepard
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Aug 11, 2010

Recommended for: everyone 10+
read count: 3

** spoiler alert ** okay... im just going to go over what's happened so far, so MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!

okay, here goes-
1.mona was a. i mean, no offense to her, but hannah has really got to start picking a better bff. its like, come on, how can you NOT know that your best friend hated you. the bad thing is, now hannah is convinced that everyone is part of this big A conspiracy.
2.aria, aria, aria. flirting with a weirdo that turns out to be your moms boyfriend? and then kissing him repeatedly!? that girl has some problems
3.well, spencer finally told the truth about the golden orchid. the bad news is, now everyone hates her- her teachers, her parents, her dead grandma (though that's another story)
4. i think that things are the best for emily. most people have forgiven her for being gay, she gets a great new boyfriend, and she is finally starting to move on
5. this one is strange. did ian actually kill ali? i dont think so. he's essentially a nice guy(besides being a weirdo that likes a girl in 6th grade. i mean, come on! ali was younger than me when she started flirting with a high schooler. and ian was totally in love with her- the picture in the garbage bag is proof.
6. here's another intriguing character in this story: kate. whats up with her? in flawless, she totally backstabbed hannah, taking her trust, and shoving the drugs under the adults' noses. and if she wasn't going to share hannah's binging problem, than what was that sinister phone call about? sure, she said she was practicing for hamlet, but as far as i know, ophelia never says, "(cackle) it'll work. i promise. trust me. and it's almost time- i cant wait! (snicker)" something fishy is going on there.
7. another time i dont understand the PLLs is this- why, oh why, is spencer dating andrew. hes been a total jerk to her before, so what changed her mind? who knows.
8. and lastly, the conclusion. things arent looking good for the PLLs. spencer might be adopted, aria's mommy's boyfriend keeps groping her, and hannah's daddy hates her, since she told everyone that kate had herpes.emily's fine, but something bad will undoubtedly happen to her too. oh yeah, and there's the minor problem of the girls finding ian's dead body in the woods. what'll happen next? i know. but you dont ;) as A would say,
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