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Inside Out by Barry Eisler
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Aug 11, 2010

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Read in August, 2010

Loved the book, didn't think much of the protagonist, though. I enjoyed the read, but probably won't read it again.

Stuff I liked: the shadowy government manipulations were great - so accurate and so depressing. There was this picture of Obama when he walked out of the FBI building, after he was elected and before he became President, and in the caption it said that he'd been briefed on Presidential-legal confidential information. His facial expression in that photo was amazing - he looked like he'd aged 10 years in the one day he spent in that building. Just shell-shocked. My mind kept going back to that photograph as I read this book.

I loved the love interest. I loved that she was black, first of all (considering that 12% of the US population is black, it seems like black women are horribly under-represented as romantic interests in genre fiction), but mostly I loved that she managed to turn every misconception about her to her own advantage. I hope we see more of her as this series progresses.

Overall, I don't think these books are as good as the John Rain books, mostly because I don't think the main character is as thoughtful or relatable. But he seemed to evolve a lot over the course of this book, and I've got high hopes for future installments.
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Michael I was enjoying the story until the romance portion in Costa Rica. I didn't think the violent sex scene was appropriate or necessary.
How did you feel after reading it?

Jocelyn No I thought it was fine, but I read a lot of romances, so I'm pretty comfortable with sex scenes in books. I thought that relationship did a lot to underline what a good relationship the "villain" had with Nico, and the way that they had sex really showed things about the character of both. I was much less surprised about Pamela's (am I remembering her name right?) actions at the end of the book than I would have been without the sex scene.

(Related: I thought you might find this blog post funny: - I'd say Eisler is in stage 4).

Russell Brooks I didn't think the sex scene was inappropriate in any way. I knew that it was going to happen. The two of them just had too much negative energy towards each other to not get it out of their systems..

Ben, IMO, can learn quite a bit from John Rain, not only in the realm of martial arts (I think Rain could take Ben, lol), but in terms of what's going on within the government. That's why Rain acts as an outsider rather than close to the CIA. I'm excited for the follow-up when they meet.

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