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The Pegasus Secret by Gregg Loomis
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Aug 10, 2010

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If you liked The DaVinci Code, chances are you'll enjoy The Pegasus Secret. Some type of story and similar information presented in a totally different package. It seems that there has been a string of novels centering around a Grail Quest plot line: the main character must overcome a series of tasks to prove they are worthy of discovering the Holy Grail. What the Grail is varies from story to story, but the origins date back to Arthurian legends.

Loomis centers his story around a painting by Nicola Poussin completed in the early 1600s. I was excited to find that I recognized the painting from my college art history class. I've also read a lot about the Jesus/Mary Magdalene/Holy Grail business outside of the fiction genre, so this book was like a double whammy of heaven. And more "Brain Candy", which I always love.

I fell in love with Lang Reilly right away. Loomis wasn't afraid to give his lead depth and emotion, and uses both to enhance the story. Coming away from the novel, I feel like I have more of an understanding of and relationship with Lang than I do with Dan Brown's Robert Langdon. The main difference seems to be the attention to the details of Lang's history that Loomis provides. The reader can clearly see how Lang's past has shaped his character and the way he responds to events in the story. It's a very nice "strapping man with a heart" type deal.

Loomis wove his plot masterfully. There was more than one twist that I didn't see coming at all. While I was satisfied with the ending, I got the feeling that this wouldn't be the last time Lang would tangle with this particular group of bad guys. The Julian Secret, which is part two, is waiting patiently on my bookshelf for it's turn in the reading rotation. I think the trick will be reviewing that one without revealing too much of what happens in The Pegasus Secret, but I'm always up for a reviewing challenge!
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Parinaz your review is really nice. i'm definitely going to read the book :)

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