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Aug 10, 2010

really liked it
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Recommended to Mel by: Delicious Dee
Read from October 13 to 15, 2010

The downside of loving, absolutely loving, a first in the series is that there is the almost unavoidable situation of being disappointed in the sequel. Unfortunately this was the case.

Mind you: Love & Loyalty was not a bad book. On the contrary. It was a beautifully written and engaging story of two seemingly polar opposites finding love.
Michaels knows how to write, she knows how to make her descriptions real and her characters likable and alive. You can’t help but feel invested in the characters in her world.
I really liked following the personal and romantic journey of police officer on the verge of a nervous break down, Jim Shea, and the perennially disheveled, best friend/side kick to a starlet, Griffin Drake.
But the story didn’t have the rawness and the reality that Faith & Fidelity had. The relationship between the men seemed to take a giant leap, from one point to the next and I felt like I was playing catch up to understand why these two men fell for each other. Moreover: I couldn’t recognize Jim, whom we had met as Matt’s one night stand. He seemed like a completely different person. Also: the Hollywood side plot fell flat and was completely unnecessary.

Still: even though I had some issues with the plot, Love & Loyalty is a wonderfully written book.
And I can’t wait for the reunion with Matt and Evan in the next book in the series!
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm considering skipping this one and moving straight to #3. Is that do-able, do you think? Or is there important stuff about the next book in this one?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

PS: I am loving your reviews on all the books I'm looking at. You lay it out so well. Thanks :)

message 3: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Thank you! :)

Well, about skipping it. You could technically skip it, though there's a bit of Jim and Griff in next book. And this one is not as good as the other two installments.
That being said: it's still a good book which I think you would enjoy. Michaels only wrote three books, but IMO she's one of the better writers in the genre.

By the way: there are a lot of high ratings in the genre for books that don't deserve it. The on line m/m community is huge and unfortunately being friends with the author sometimes seems to be more important than the quality of the story. I've seen ravings on stories which imply you're reading Pulitzer worthy material and it turns out to be weaker than a standard fanfic.
So be careful wading through that m/m pond! :)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I have you as my Gandalf though! :) Leading the way with your staff of power.

Okay I'll have a looky at it. I'm dying to get back to Evan and Matt though. (Although, from the sounds of it, there's not the most terrific resolution waiting for me there).

I'm just about to buy every Josh Lanyon book out there. He's amazing. I'm so sad I've missed reading him till now.

When did you start reading m/m? Did you come to it from another genre?

message 5: by Mel (last edited Jan 15, 2012 03:13PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel I started reading m/m two years ago. One of my friends Nichole had been reading it for a while (think she's one of the first on GR). And I kept seeing her status updates and stuff and that got me interested. So I added a whole lot of books but never got to actually purchase anything. Until I read the erotica story Dangerous Boys and Their Toy, whic is a very over the top smutty m/f/m story with a little m/m action too. So that got me curious enough to actually start reading in the genre.

Before that I only read UF with a bit of PNR. I'm trying to read more UF again though. It's a totally different feel I need to get back to once in a while :)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Wow that book cover isn't going for subtle. Hehe. Sounds like a baptism by fire, which is not always a bad thing. I'm just amazed by how much good writing there is in the genre. I fully admit my prejudice against m/m was always that I thought the sex quota would be way too high and the stories would be lost, but that's SO untrue.

Are you finding anything good in UF? I just feel like that genre has become so repetitive and generic that it's lost its hold on me. About the only author who still pushes my buttons is Ilona Andrews, and we're not getting anything out of her for a while.

message 7: by Mel (last edited Jan 16, 2012 09:13AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Actually, the m/m element in that book was quite subtle. But it was my first erotica so it was certainly an experience :) I had to get used to all the weird excuses the author came up with for the mc's to get it on.

I'm not looking for new UF titles since I have so many classics to read still. I have yet to read Kate Daniels #2-5...
Why isn't Andrews writing anymore?

Nichole (Dirrty H) My ears were burning so I had to jump in...

A: Moss - go ahead and skip this one. I happened to like Jim and Griff even more than Matt and Evan, but I recognize that I am sometimes an odd duck. I don't think missing this will affect your enjoyment of book 3 in the slightest.

B: I'm in the same boat with UF - I'm not really reading new UF, I'm just trying to stay caught up with the series I'm already invested in. I find that I'm losing interest. I haven't even read Kate Daniels' #5 yet, and I have the first two of Andrews' "Edge" series on my bookshelf, untouched.

message 9: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Nichole would you believe I still haven't read Adrien Phoenix #2 and #3? Is there a number 4 out too?
Kate Daniels, Sirantha Jax, Mercy Thompson, Rachel Morgan, so many books still.
Priority is doing the Women of the Otherworld witch books first, then some werewolves and more witches (Savannah) and The Hollows. I need my Trent fix :)

Nichole (Dirrty H) Yeah, there's four books in that series and book 5 comes out in March. Get cracking! Although they get less and less wonderful with each book, I still think they're good. But I kind of think I might be in the minority with that opinion.

I'm behind on all those same series - I have unread books from all of those series sitting on my bookshelf. And the Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead. I haven't read book 3 yet.
I've been trying to sludge my way through the second book of Nalini Singh's angel series since August...

message 11: by Mel (last edited Jan 16, 2012 10:08AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Richelle Mead ... ftppp... ftppp (I'm spitting, can you tell?) Never again.
I didn't like Dark Swan #2 and since Mead has a way of ruining her series, I'm not going to try to read it. The debacle of Georgina #6 was enough... Ugh.

Oh I forgot (though it's not really UF) the PSy-Changeling series! I own the first three. Never got to reading them.

Nichole (Dirrty H) I actually really liked Dark Swan #2. I was excited for number 3 and then I got a couple chapters in and got bored. Same with Kate Daniels 5. At this point I'm thinking maybe the problem is with me...

I haven't read the Georgina books, but book 1 in that series is yet another untouched book on my shelf.

The Psy-Changeling series is really good PNR - I recommend them. But her UF archangel series is starting to bug me.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Mel wrote: "I had to get used to all the weird excuses the author came up with for the ..."


She trips and falls onto his cock? He's really meaning to stretch up to get a mug off the shelf and ends up going down on her instead? I love that kind of crazy.

The Andrews team is still writing, they've just pushed out a lot of deadlines because one of their daughters is sick. So there are books coming this year but much later than expected.

@ Nichole: yeah I hear you on the UF. There's no spark there anymore and it's been boring me senseless. Kate Daniels #5 hasn't garned universal acclaim like the other books (I loved it, but that's just me), so maybe you're not missing anything there.

Thanks for the heads-up on this one. I have a lot of other stuff to read atm, so will come back later to this and decide.

message 14: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Nichole (Dirty H) wrote: "I actually really liked Dark Swan #2. I was excited for number 3 and then I got a couple chapters in and got bored. Same with Kate Daniels 5. At this point I'm thinking maybe the problem is with me..."

You? Never! Just don't read the Succubus series. I think you might like #1 and #2. You'd hate #3 and #4 for contents and #5 and #6 for style (or lack thereof). It started out great but ended up being totally unimaginative with a very annoying heroine. Believe me when I say Georgina makes Rachel Morgan look good.

Moss, thank God it wasn't that crazy. If you want a good laugh though,, you need to read Hara's Legacy.

Celine so you have started with the big Cleanup of the shelves? :) good for u!
I'm also looking for some good palate-cleansing books....after a lot of m/m you just want to switch for a while. Do read the Psychangelings, they are good! only 3 out of 10 i didn't like so much (whiny heroines and too-tarzan) but the others are fab! also great scifi storyline next to the luuvvv.

message 16: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Well, not as much a clean up as an intention to do so... :|

But I have read some UF this week (Succubus Revealed, ugh) and I'm going to read a JCP short first and Succubus Revealed right after.
Yay for diversity! :)

Nichole (Dirrty H) So, um, you read and hated Succubus Revealed, and then you're going to read it again right after the JCP short?

message 18: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Oh, woops. I meant Lothaire. You were probably thinking: "okay, that's diverse?".

Nichole (Dirrty H) Well I was pretty sure it was a mistake. ;)

Just to warn you - Lothaire: not anywhere near as good as the other books in the series. Worth reading, but I was ultimately disappointed.

message 20: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Oh damnit. I'm already going into it with reservations since its not Nix he's hooked up with (and it should have been!!!).
I wasn't in love with last book either. Loved the first half and then it just went on and on, so Lothaire and that young kid ended up being the show stealers. Did you like that one?

message 21: by Mimi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mimi Smith Butting in(like always, it seems, lol) but I did like Lothaire, despite myself. I wanted him with Nixie, but ended up liking their frenemies status, too. So, yeah, I liked it way more than the last one. Reincarnation was never my thing.

And, just so I don't seem completely lost... I liked this book, more than I thought I would, but it didn't make me fall in love with the characters, like Faith and Fidelity.

message 22: by Nichole (Dirrty H) (last edited Jan 16, 2012 03:35PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nichole (Dirrty H) @Mel - I did like the last one, but I love Regin and would go gay for her in a heartbeat, so I was pre-disposed to ignore anything not-so-great and just love it.
I understand your sadness about Nix and Lothaire not hooking up and I almost agree with you. Their friendship has more electricity in it than the primary romance in this book. But honestly, Cole failed to make him a sympathetic hero and Nix deserves way better.

@Mimi, I love Lothaire and Nix's frenemy status. The Nix/Lothaire scenes were the best moments of the whole book. I liked Lothaire, and I liked Elizabeth but they did NOT work together. I just couldn't suspend enough disbelief to get behind that relationship, and I felt that the plot lacked a lot of the action and excitement and fun that I've come to expect from Kresley Cole.

message 23: by Mimi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mimi Smith I actually liked the weird pairing. I had so much fun watching Great Lothaire being taken down by a down and dirty human. A mere, puny human. His complete arrogance, evilness and...disbelief at the thought...*sigh*

The trailer park scene at the end, when he fell for it, that was so funny.

Nichole (Dirrty H) I liked the idea of it, but the asshole-to-acceptable-lover ratio was way out of whack. He just did too many assholey things for me to feel glad that they got together in the end. No one should have to be stuck with Lothaire. Except Thad.

The trailer park scene at the end was good, though. (view spoiler)

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Mel wrote: "Oh damnit. I'm already going into it with reservations since its not Nix he's hooked up with (and it should have been!!!)."

IKR? Robbed.

GR peoples are not loving Lothaire, from what I'm seeing. Such a shame, I was hanging out for it.

message 26: by Mimi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mimi Smith Well, I guess all that depends...I thought the book was good and so did my friends, So, Mel, I guess you have to read it and see. As I said the whole Nix-Lothaire situation worked out, IMO. I liked them like this and I never expected to.

And Nicole, I accepted the assholish things because he's, just, like that(which was to be expected since he's the Big, Bad mastermind), especially since they didn't come from hatred or malice, but from arrogance and his utter disbelief he'd be paired up with a human. Doesn't mean it didn't bother me, but I got over it. Loved them both too much.

message 27: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Mimi, you're welcome to butt in anytime. I didn't read the spoiler obviously but I'm very much intrigued by you girls' comments. I think I'll start the book tomorrow :)

Celine god I haven't even started those IAD series! yay still so much to read :)

message 29: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Celine, I think you'll like these.

message 30: by Tara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tara I'm so very behind on the IAD series. I can't remember what the last one I read was, I think it was on a boat most of the time...

Nichole I read the first 3 Dark Swan books. Book #1 I thought was ok and I actually liked #2 better, then I wanted to throw book 3 across a room the go get it and throw it again. It just felt like everything you'd read in the last 2 books went completely out the window. #4 is coming out this year or maybe it's already out and of course I'll probably read it because I'm a glutton for punishment...

I'm also behind on JR Ward's Fallen Angel Series, All Jeanine Frost Books (sadly Mel is ahead of me on these and she doesn't even like them), I was reading the Argeneau Vampires by Lynsay Sands, I have a Terry Garey book that already has a sequel.. Plus I have in a pile yet to start the Kelly Armstrong books and few series by both Kathryn Smith and Amanda Ashley. Sadly it's not just the m/m genre that's derailed me, it's the ease of my ereader. All those series that are sitting around are paperbacks, and I have developed a love of my ereader which is where all my m/m exists. I keep checking but my library doesn't have any of these on their ebooks shelves yet and I don't want to rebuy... I'm going to make an effort though if for no other reason that to clean out my too read book shelves...

message 31: by Mel (last edited Jan 20, 2012 10:32AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Oh you have to read Armstrong!

You're three books behind with IAD, not counting Lothaire. The Lucia, Carrow and Regin. The last two were just ok IMO.

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