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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein
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Aug 10, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: sff, moon, political, space, writing-style
Read from October 05 to 18, 2011

In the near future, the Moon was used as a penal colony and as home to non-convict descendants. The story is about a separatist movement on the Moon set in 2070s planning a revolution against the Federated Nations (post UN maybe) who controls and governs the Moon. One of the lead characters is an AI called Mike. We can witness throughout how Mike evolved into many different characters which is interesting. The only problem for me is why would the people who created Mike (presumably FN or the Lunar Authority) never noticed they've created a self-aware AI; and if they noticed, why did they not have Mike secured. Perhaps a plot device, so had to let it pass. Its also worth to note that this book was published before Clarke's 2001, but I think (Kubrick's; I didnt read the book) HAL was more believable, more alien, more AI and more scary. After seeing the reviews of SIASL, I started being conscious Heinlein's writing in respect to women/sexism. There seems to be some of it in here as well, but didnt really bothered me much. There are many interesting political and military manouvering and tactics involved. The language syntax adopted by the narrator (Manuel) is also interesting, showing how the language might have evolved in the future and on the moon. But a bit difficult to read. However I found the story very entertaining partly because I sort of became emotionally attached to the Lunar movement against FN. I also noticed similarity with Asimov's The Gods Themselves regarding colonists on the Moon. And its funny how Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke, often labelled SF's big-3 would write about similar subjects within a short timespan (1966-1972).
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