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Colters' Woman by Maya Banks
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Aug 09, 2010

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I'd like to say that I got this free or that I started reading it without realizing what it was about. Oh goodness, menage a quatre?!? What a surprise! But no, I saw it on a Goodreads list and actually paid for it. I can't help it, I'm fascinated on how this would really work. Hey, I watch Big Love and I'm all the time saying there's no way. I have to say though, I think one woman and multpile works better than one guy and multiple women. It's still not really belieable though. I thought brothers fought over women, not shared. I don't see how they could share or how a woman can love three men equally.
Ok, back to the review: The first half of this book was sex with a tiny bit of conversation thrown in. And the whole thing about her being THE ONE was so unrealistic. It was seriously the third paragraph when it started! I think by THE ONE, they just meant someone who was young and desperate and lonely who would accept them all. She could have been a troll and it would have worked. The sex scenes bothered me because it was like the girl wasn't really playing an active role, she was just letting them do whatever they wanted, even if she wasn't sure she wanted to do it. But it was like, "oh, we know what's better for you so just deal with it." It skeeved me out.

EDITED TO ADD: So I did a little research (yay Wikipedia!) and it seems that there are 500,000 polyamorous people in America. Wow. I had no idea. (Polyamorous is not the same thing as polygamist.) Now if I could only find a real live polyamorous family so I could question them relentlessly!


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