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The Devil Wears Tartan by Karen Ranney
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Nov 23, 2010

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** Sorry to say this book was not for me. I almost did not finish reading it. The only thing positive for me was Davina. I loved her she was outspoken and witty despite what society thought of her . She was the only person that kept me reading this book because i was waiting to see what she did next. She is pretty much forced by her Aunt to marry and Earl named Marshall Ross with whispered rumors that he was mad. Her Aunt says this is Davina's only chance to she her wed and to have children as she is ruined in society. She marries this man she never met and the only thing he demands of her is to provide him with and heir and take care of his needs and that is all. He really does not want a wife and he is hiding secrets from his past. He is losing is mind along with his wife. Davina tries her best to form some sort of marriage but the Earl is not making it easy for her at all and she finally flees him. Upon learning that he husband is being transferred to a mad house she returns home to try again to help her husband. Learning that havoc is about she raises and army to rescue him.I think what want wrong for me is the constant brooding and being cruelty to her that got me. It was obvious that he had a troubled past from being in war and was having outbursts and nightmares.Davina had be patient and kind and helping him and he was always cruel and kept pushing her away and she still stayed fell in love him. How do you love or fall in love someone like that ? Not me for sure.But she returned again when she heard he was in need and got to the bottom of plot that someone was trying to kill him learning what was causing his madness . Now all of a sudden he loves her and everything is fine and dandy and a happily ever after ... to unbelievable for me .Sorry this story was just not for me.

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