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Ultimate X-Men, Volume 18 by Robert Kirkman
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Aug 18, 2010

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I'll start off by saying, firstly, that I never liked Apocalypse. I always thought the character design was cool, but the actual character is just a hollow, all powerful bad guy with designs for world domination. His dialogue consists of nothing more than variations of this phrase: "You are fools to think you can defeat me!" His Ultimate counterpart is, disappointingly, not very different. Most of this book is spent watching Apocalypse effortlessly wail on all of the Marvel heroes (except for the Ultimates), until he is defeated by the Phoenix. On this note, the conclusive issue of the Apocalypse arc was illustrated by Harvey Tolibao, and let me just say, it is laughably awful. There is such a thing as putting WAY TOO MUCH DETAIL in one's art, especially when you can see every fucking sinew of a character, even though they are just wearing a casual t-shirt. He goes so overboard trying to draw every detail of a person's face, they faintly resemble Freddy Kreuger. It's just bad. Salvador Lorrica, however, did a fine job, and it boggles my mind why they'd bring in this pinch hitter for the climax of such a huge arc.

BTW, the Shadow King stuff was crap too. I always hated Storm, and thought her past in the original Marvelverse was uninteresting, but they managed to make it even more so by making the Shadow King an ex-lover who somehow gained supernatural mastery of the dreamworld. Anyway, this volume of Ultimate X-Men is a good quick read, but nothing really special, and kind of a wasted opportunity to totally revamp a popular X-Men villain.
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