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Dmitry's Closet by Latrivia S. Nelson
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Aug 07, 2010

did not like it
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I'm not obsessive about spelling or punctuation, really. But some basic editing might have made this book readable. Might have.

As it was, I had to laugh aloud several times where I was not supposed to laugh. So for example: her pierced lips (when the author meant pursed lips). Dozens of errors of this kind. I haven't looked at the editorial history of the novel, but it feels as though it was translated into English by somebody who doesn't speak the language very well.

If I try to put this issue aside, the story itself stretches credibility to the breaking point. If this were supposed to be fantasy, maybe I could buy some of this, but as it is, I found it almost insulting.

Basic geometry should tell you that a man who is 7' tall and a woman of average height cannot be face to face in the missionary position. Not unless he's a contortionist.

Basic good sense should tell you that these two characters, so different in almost every way, would suddenly commit to each other the way they do. And the worst thing, in my opinion: she's African-American, but only in terms of her skin color which is described as 'caramel' so often I started to wonder where I had Aunt Helen's recipe for caramels which went over so well a couple years ago.

The color of the woman's skin isn't enough to establish her as African-American. The author hangs it on her like a piece of jewelry, and nothing more. There are some really great authors out there writing African American romance, with fully imagined characters. This teetered on the edge of exploitation.

I usually try to find at least one thing that works for me in a story, but this was a lost cause. You might read it to study what not to do, but I'm not sure the lessons learned would be worth your time or effort.
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Savannah- Quad Motherin' Book Readin' Diva I love you for this review and agree across the boatd. It frightens me that this book is so highly rated; where have our dtandards gone? Not only the editing, but the dialog, character development was just a mess. It really saddens me to know that reader support of products like this creates the illusion that its good. We as readers don't get better material necause its notbeing demanded. Not when we applaud such subpar work.

Rosina Lippi Savannah -- You raise an issue that bothers me, too. Somebody should do a study that explores why books this badly done have big readerships. Or if maybe they don't have big readerships, but very vocal ones.

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