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Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward
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's review
Oct 04, 2010

it was amazing

Michelle's Review:

'Lover Eternal' is Rhage's story . After getting on the bad side of the Scribe Virgin for being a bit of an ass, he was cursed to 200 years of the Beast ( dragon) being a part of him. The Beast is great in a fight with Lessers, but not for Rhage as a vampire. You get to learn more about the boys their bonds what they will do for each other.

Wrath has woken up to his position and accepted it/welcomed it.

Mr X has placed Mr O answering to him. These are just boys that have been sort out for their violent ways to be suitable for giving their soul to join Lessers, to eradicate the vampires. More intel is collected from tortured civilian vampires , the brotherhood is being noticed.

Mary has found herself attracted to Rhage. She is very strong but also very weak. The brotherhood adore her, well most of them. Will she be able to fight her own personal war as well as Rhages.

Bella , Mary and John's friend, has found herself caught up in the brotherhood.
John is one to watch * wiggles eyebrows*.

Butch has found himself in a rather unlikely situation and enjoying himself. You kinda feel like Butch in a way has been saved from himself and friendships/bonds have been formed. Yeah, for Butch. I can't wait to see how his story plays out.

The gritty/violent/male/erotic world of J.R Ward is very addictive. I am holding my breath waiting for my next installment to arrive

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