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Nov 23, 10

really liked it
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Read from November 16 to 22, 2010

Amnesia is soooooooo not a bitch anymore!

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This is actually better than its predecessor Whitney, My Love *but really any book i think will be much better than that one because Clayton raped Whitney for Fudge sake* but still it's not one of the best JM novel I think because it dragged a little bit especially at the beginning, Sherridan's back story bored me to death! In fact it was so boring I really don't give damn about it and just skimmed those pages. Also my other problem was I really hate the heroine's name, her name was "Sherry", whole name was Sherridan Bromleigh and that was her nickname Sherry like sweet, sweet, cherie? I don't know I just thought that JM should provide like a more decent name.

OMG I have a feeling that I'm going to have tremendous amount of spoilers in my review, so yeah SPOILER ALERT!!! whatever I don't really know how to say what I feel without giving any spoilers at all.

So first the premise of the book was just super hilarious even right now I can't stop laughing just thinking about it. For some reason I find Amnesia Stories funny and ridiculous at the same time but in a good way like I remember watching a movie 50 First Dates and the girl has some sort of one day memory span so what happens yesterday, the next day she can't remember it, so that's why the title of the movie is "50 First Dates" because for the girl it will always be a first encounter of the boy, and it was always you know first kiss, first hug, first date blah blah blah. So yeah the story is a mix of Amnesia and sort of mistaken identity.

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So basically Stephen the hero of the story killed Burleton because he sort of get hit by his carriage (it was actually an accident) and then Stephen find out that Burleton's fiancee will going to be in London the next day because it will be there Wedding Day. So Stephen was like WTF, he just killed this person and then he should be the one to deliver the bad news to Charisse Lancaster, which is Burleton's fiancee.

Meanwhile Sherridan Bromleigh was inside the ship with another woman, her companion and the two of them were having problems because they will be in London the next day and Charisse Lancaster was missing because she elope with another man on the ship. Because of that they have to deliver the news about Charisse and the other woman thinks that holy crap we will be in dungeons because the people would be suspicious and they would believe that maybe they killed Charisse or something like that. So the two of them were very much anxious.

And then the ship landed and the one awaits them was Stephen instead of Burleton and the woman who come to them of course instead of Charisse was Sherridan but Stephen thought that the woman was Charisse. And then Stephen says Burleton was dead and then Sherridan just says Oh he's dead yeah right whatever I'm going to leave now and she didn't even tell about that Charrise was missing because she thought that it will be unnecessary and she was really scared that if she tell them about it they might arrest her. So Sherridan just leave them and that made Stephen confused because he thought there's something wrong with her reaction and then he thought maybe the girl was in a state of shock since he just told her that his fiancee was dead and when he was about to go to her and say something, Sherridan was like hit by a giant crate in her head it was like PAaaaKKkk!!! and then she goes unconscious.

And then Stephen brought her into his home and then there was this doctor and then when she wake up she have Amnesia, OMG it was hilarious *insert my silly laughing here*, and then the doctor said that Charisse was having an Amnesia and the best way to cure it is to not stress her so they must not tell her that her supposed fiancee was dead.

*drum roll please*

So enter now the game of pretend, role playing sort of love story, so now:

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Sherry= Charisse Lancaster
Stephen= I am your fucking fiancee!

And then at first I really find it creepy because really Stephen was really guilty about it but he was secretly lusting on Sherry because you know of the usual stuff(hair, boobs etc.). And because of it he decided to not really take advantage of the situation and he sort of arrange different suitors for her and many, many misunderstandings have followed because of this conflict.

So Sherridan was confused because he was her fiancee and he found it really odd that Stephen was odd and cold to her something like that.

So it was sort of a complicated story of deceit, jealousy, with a mix of humor, drama and romance, the usual JM's conflicts and twists. And what was very much I like about it is that Whitney, Clayton and Nicholas du Ville from Whitney, My Love and Victoria and Jason from Once and Always were also in this story and they were the ones who help the couple get together. I really liked it because I already love all of these characters *coughs* well except for Clayton :P.

There's just this one part that I really hate from the book and that was when Stephen and Sherry had sex for the first time. As much as I really anticipated that the sex will be disastrous since in all of JM's novels that I already read the first sex will be like that, it's like if the first sex will not lead to a problem it will not be a JM novel at all. So yeah they have sex before marriage and the morning after Sherry woke up and Stephen was there and then he said like OMG that was like my best sex ever and I really wanted to make you my mistress and I was like Stephen really What the Fudge was that? And at that point I really am confused if who was the more jerk if Clayton or Stephen. I mean at that point I really hate Stephen like he really didn't deserve Sherry at all.

But in the end I think Stephen redeemed himself and it was HEA (usual stuff) and I also did really enjoy the story. I bawled a river of tears and laugh my ass off into oblivion (like a bipolar person). Yeah great book as expected from JM but not really my favorite.
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Lea Ivy i somehow found your review hilarious-in a good way. haha :) great review though!

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