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Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton
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Aug 07, 2010

it was amazing
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Read on August 07, 2010

In my usual fashion I had no clue that this was the fourth book in a series called “Promises” by Marie Sexton and only found out about that afterwards. However, even though characters of the previous books were mentioned, it was no problem to read it as a stand alone.

The book starts with a short paragraph that takes us 18 months after the beginning of the actual story, so we already know what is going to happen then. Until that came to pass it was exciting to see how those two guys met, got involved with each other and developed feelings that they both first denied and later on just couldn’t ignore anymore. Even though they had sex right from the start we never witness any of this and I was beginning to wonder whether this was one of those stories where all the sex is taking place behind closed doors. In the second half of the book this changed and there is a good reason for it. Marie Sexton did this just right, as she did everything else in this story. It was fantastic.

The way Jonathan changed from some career driven moron (sorry) who really had no clue about Cole’s personality (how he could not anticipate Cole’s reaction to the recipe box for example is beyond me) to someone who knows what he wants and still can’t bring himself to swallow his pride to someone who finally sees what is important is totally realistic. I suffered with Jonathan and Cole all the way and just couldn’t stop reading.

About the title of this book: When I first read the title I dismissed this as another fluffy story, cute and sweet. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There is nothing fluffy and sweet about this. Unfortunately I’m afraid that maybe some readers will give this gem a miss simply because of the misleading name, which would be a real pity.

“Strawberries for Dessert” will join “Take my Picture” by Giselle Ellis (another story by the way that I don’t hear enough about in the blogging world, possibly because it was published first in an anthology, even though it was released separately some time ago) as one of my top favourite m/m books so far. Both are intense, complicated and feature men who are, for one reason or other, unable to acknowledge what is right in front of them.

Highly recommended!
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Leslie Nicoll Since I think Take My Picture is absolutely fabulous, I am definitely reading this. I have also really enjoyed Marie's three previous books so I am sure I will like this. Thanks for the review!

Rikki Thanks, Leslie, for your comment. Since you liked Take my Picture, I am certain you will like this one, too. Let me know what you thought of it when you are finished.

ElaineY Great review, Rikki. I think I've been told to read Take My Picture about a dozen times but keep forgetting. I'd better do that today.

Rikki Thanks, Elaine. Yes, I highly recommend Take my Picture. It's brilliant and I have been waiting for a new story by Giselle Ellis other than fan fiction for a long time.

Leslie Nicoll She writes fanfic? With what characters?

Rikki LOTR, Merlin and Pirates of the Caribbean. You can find it all on her LJ here: http://giselleslash.livejournal.com/2...

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