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Cast in Silence by Michelle Sagara
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Aug 12, 2013

it was amazing
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After leaving the fief of Nightshade and before showing up among the Hawks, Kaylin went missing for six months. She was in fact in the fief of Barren, serving the fieflord. In Cast in Silence, Kaylin's past comes back haunting her in the form of an old friend transmitting a message from Barren. Since this message has been delivered in front of Severn, Kaylin had not choice but to tell him the truth about her past. Then she is send with Tiamaris to meet first Nightshade who reveal to them that the fief of Barren is highly unstable as it doesn't have a true lord, then to Barren himself to understand what is happening.

My opinion:

In this book we finally understand what abuse Kaylin went through, which is something that has been alluded to in the previous book but that I personally hadn't notice. It certainly explains her self-loathing, the fact that she behaves as if neither Nightshade nor Severn are interested in her and that she totally ignores their various advances.

I love the scene at the beginning of the book where she reveal that she tried to kill the Hawklord and that it amused Teela and Tain :) Teela's behaviour in the tavern was hilarious and I appreciate that we finally see that other aspect of her as Kaylin has been referring to for a while but we had only see her correct Barrani Lord behaviour until now.

As I love the dragons, I was happy that Tiamaris goes with Kaylin this time, even if I was a little disappointed that it means that she doesn't get any discussion alone with Nightshade. It was also great to see again the Arkon; I love every scenes he is in :)

As we only see Nightshade briefly in the last book, I was afraid that the fact that we see him so early in the story meant that we would not see him again. When the group went to the past and that Kaylin recognize a Barrani there, I was thinking “No, it's not possible..." then “Yes!". It was definitely a good surprise. It was interesting to see how Michelle manage to make him appear younger and more carefree; Kaylin unarguably find him more attractive. It's also a major event that put all their precedent interactions under a different light and incite me to reread them (again!). After this book my vision of Nightshade has been considerably altered... Normally I hate time travel because I can't see how it can word and be logical and consistent with the rest of the novel world and I was a bit apprehensive when I saw Michelle used it here (that is, after I recover of my excitement of seeing Nighstahde). Nonetheless, I think that the result is good; it's even impressive that we can reread all the novel and that everything now appear under a different light but that both interpretation seem correct.

As for Severn, he doesn't get any evolution in this book nor in the last one and he only seems to be present in the background, which was a shame even if he isn't one of my favorite characters. Too often I tend to forget that he is present in the scene...

The developments with the fiefs were really interesting; I love Tara's character and the way Kaylin “heals" her. The fact that Tiamaris took the fief was also interesting and promised great evolution for the future of the fief.

I like the fact that the Consort is one of Kaylin's friend, a fact that I didn't really appreciate in Cast in Courtlight as she didn't have a lot of screen time. Kaylin's visit to the High Court was interesting as it shows us the new relationships she has with the High Lord and the Consort.
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Michelle Sagara West, Cast in Silence

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