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Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs
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I have found the perfect mermaid book for me. Tempest Rising is the most incredible mermaid book I’ve read to date. There are a few upcoming mermaid books that I’m anxiously waiting for, that I’m sure I’ll love, hopefully as much as this book, but so far, Tempest Rising tops every mermaid book I’ve read. It was just amazingly perfect, it had everything I could have asked for in a mermaid book. Mythical water creatures, magic, adventure, excitement, romance, surfing. I was extremely excited to read this book (as I love anything mermaid), but I was in for an unexpected roller coaster ride with this breathless, exciting, swooning inducing adventure, that, I have to admit, made me shed a couple tears in some parts.

I loved all the characters. I loved Tempest’s Dad, and her little brothers, and Mark, her handsome beach blond surfer boyfriend. The relationship between Tempest and her father was beautiful and strong. And Tempest was one strong girl. A half mermaid, abandoned by her mermaid mother years ago, who has to choose whether to be human or mermaid. She wants to be human, being a mermaid does not appeal to her in any shape or form, but when she is soon faced with danger, she is forced to reconsider what she truly wants.

And then there’s Kona, whew, Kona! Let me tell you, he is one hot, hunky, tall dark and handsome, uh, not merman, but he is something, something that you’ll find out when you read the novel, that was really quite interesting. And I just love Kona, he made it into my top list of swoon worthy book crushes. The romance between him and Tempest was so perfect and butterfly inducing. I need more! I feel like I’m drowning in anticipation of what comes next in their story, and the need to watch their romance develop further into something truly stalwart and beautiful and unbreakable.

As of now, I don‘t see any mention of a sequel, but it was planned as a trilogy, I think, (I hope) but I guess getting a sequel out depends on how well Tempest Rising sells. But can I just say that I NEED A SEQUEL!! Very badly, I loved this world Deebs created too much to just have it end this way, I want to see more of Kona and Tempest, and more of mermaids and the fantastic world under the sea . Then there’s the sea witch that they have to defeat, and a mermaid clan her mother lived in, that needs her help. So please please PLEASE write a sequel!

This book was magical, and dark, but oh so beautiful and incredible, with a fantastical plot and stark emotions and real characters that I loved and could understand. It was breathtaking and incredibly engaging, I couldn’t read fast enough, it caught me up in its tempestuous waves, pulling deep down under the ocean where Tempest discovers a whole world she could have never dreamed of. I'm just so completely in love with this book. Thank you Tracy Deebs, for writing an incredible story! :D
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Cindy I am loving this one too! Really well done and interesting! Keep wondering what is going to happen next.... Loved your review! I would agree best mermaid book I have read so far as well.

~Tina~ Great review! I have high hopes for this one:)

Erica (daydreamer) Thanks girls, I hope you both really like it :D

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah M Great Review Erica. This looks good and I havent read any mermaid books so I am definately interested..

Cindy Erica just finished this one, it was so so good did not want it to end!! AMAZING!!XD

Erica (daydreamer) I know Cindy :D I really hope there's a sequel!

Cindy Me too! It will be very sad if she doesn't. I think I would like just about anything she wrote as a clean romance. I like the way she can put to paper all those feelings of relationships and love.

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