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The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War by Phillip Jennings
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Jan 30, 2011

it was ok
Read from December 28, 2010 to January 04, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I would like to thank Mr Jennings for his service in behalf of our country. He appears to be at peace with his history. However his rabid disdain towards rivals leads me to wondering just how sure he is.

The soldier returning from Viet Nam was subject to insulting behavior for which there is no excuse. For this I am sorry and hope that my actions did not contribute.

This review is not going to be easy and may take a few visits to get my ideas down. I have so many thoughts about Mr Jennings' work. I was in high school during the war. My number didn't come up. I graduated in '70. I have cried at the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial.

This is a book of opinions backed up by statistics and other opinions that support the author. Lots of books are like that, lots of history books are like that.

I have a reticence in accepting any author that vehemently maintains his version is the "Truth". If one does not agree with Mr. Phillips they are accused of being dishonest. He also groups some loyal Americans into the Democrat=Liberal=Radical camp with little separation between the three. One cannot read this book without climbing over these characterizations on every page and in multiple paragraphs ad nauseum. It seems to me that Mr Jennings shares a style of discourse similar to Mr Glenn Beck.

I do take exception to his characterization of draft eligible men leaving this country for another as "Chickenshits". These were men that followed their conscience, and ironically following the reactionary sentiment of the day "America, Love It Or Leave It". Leaving took courage. The most they could be accused of is moving one person onto the draft list, as opposed to a President, Cabinet, Congress, and a system that put thousands in harms way. That one person would have to make his own determination of proper action.

I consider this book to be worth the time and effort that it might take to finish. There are considerations that Mr Phillips raises that are timely in today's world; the rush to judgment, xenophobic reactions, short term fever vs long term commitment, and the development of an exit strategy. If America wishes to remain a leader in the consumption of world resources and the exportation of our version of truth and the democratic way we had better come to terms with these issues and the cost they bear.

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