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Ghost Night by Heather Graham
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Aug 02, 2010

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As with the first book in this series ("Ghost Shadow"), the story is enjoyable but the writing feels rushed. The prologue is long and unnecessary; all the information it provides is rehashed in the first few chapters. There were copy-edit misses that don't truly take away from the plot or enjoyment, but they do interrupt, bringing the reader out of the flow momentarily.

The protags are both likeable characters, though with a fair amount of predictibility. The secondary characters pepper the book with entertaining oddities, but in this novel there seemed to be quite a lot of them. David and Katie were necessary but it seemed that Liam was here mostly to set him up for the next book in the trilogy.

Part of the resolution was foreseeable. However, the identity of the murderer(s) (no spoilers, I'm not saying if it was 1 person or many people) came as a surprise. Through the course of reading I went through various stages of believing this character to be guilty, then that one, then another. That's what I like in a mystery/suspense novel.

Although I'm sure book #3 of this trilogy will have my inner editor screaming as much as the first two, I will read "Ghost Moon." I fervently hope that in the future Heather Graham's editors and publisher will stop thinking only of sell-sell and give the process proper time so that Ms. Graham's excellent writing skills can shine as they should.

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