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Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie
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Aug 02, 2010

it was ok

Oh I know it makes no sense for me to read Abercrombie again, esp. after my feelings on the last book of the Last Argument of Kings (or whatever that series was called), but they actually sold this in real old fashioned cheap paperback format where it wasn't going to cost me $15 and I was planning on hanging out by the pool so..

Eh, its okay, he does that thing where he writes horrible characters, then lets you into them enough that you feel for them, and then crushes them utterly because... I don't know why, but I do know that even though this book is very well populated sometimes when I was reading it this image of a little boy pulling the wings off of flies would pop into my head.

The book is also a bit long and draggy, and there's a bit too much unsaid, all sorts of characters entering and saying "I used to be so and so" or "Revenge drives me" and it left me wondering if I"d met them before in the other books and forgotten them or this was just some kind of dull atmospheric trick of the author's. I'm not sure I recognized everyone I was supposed to and I think I've forgotten a bit more of what came before then was useful to the reading.

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Dani I keep drifting back to this book at my bookstore but his last series was such a disappointment. It wasn't really any one part that drug me down it was the fact that it was just wasted time I could've spent on other books. So why, oh why do I keep coming back to this at the store?

Since you seemed to have a low opinion of the first series as well would you actually recommend reading this one or is it all the same crap that I'd basically be reading the same series with different characters and nothing changes at the end of the book?

Alex Hrm.... I'd say if you're going to read it buy it at a used bookstore or steal it from a friend ideally. The thing that I hated about the first series was how it ended and that same air of hopelessness pretty much pervades this book. At the same time there's just something about these books that does actually keep you picking them up. I think it's the knowledge that Abercrombie is actually pretty good it's just never good in a way I find satisfying. So actually don't bother because it WAS a disappointing book for me. If you haven't read anything by Scott Lynch you should check that out, it's the same kind of outsider characters but with a real sense of fun and great world building.

Dani It's sad really because, while odd, I do enjoy Abercrombie's writing style and morbid humor. It's just when a book has no real end, just a series of depressing events, it's just... a huge disappointment. I'm sorry to see he hasn't changed.

But thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to pick up something by Scott Lynch the next time I go book shopping. :)

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