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Bite by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Aug 08, 2010

it was ok
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Read in August, 2010

I picked up this book (more like downloaded the iBook) because, after reading user-reviews of the next book on my list of Sookie Stackhouse novels, the Charlaine Harris short story "One Word Answer" is the prequel that helps clarify some things in the series.
The story is just as I thought it would be. I like the character of Bubba so I was glad that he was in it. Since I'm familiar with the characters - also, this story takes places in between books 5 and 6 - so it wasn't a problem understanding them for me. In fact, the short story makes Sookie seem smarter here than in the books so I was pleasantly suprised. Just the introduction of the characters was enough, and reading the following novel provided the development necessary.

Because I didn't want my $7 to go to waste, I went ahead and read the rest of the stories. I liked "Biting in Plain Sight" best out of the other stories. It was a sweet story, though the vampires seemed a little too good and ethical. I had a problem with Betsy, whose dialogue seemed like it was written by a 14-year old. I guess this means I won't be reading the rest of the series, but I wish Sophie and Liam the best.

I liked "Galahad" the least. I like my fair share of romance novels, but this story was borderline porn. I realize the story was quite graphic, and not just with the sex but also with the violence, but some of it was unnecessary. I did enjoy the backstory of the Mageverse, though the character development was lacking (but it's a short story, and there's only so much room) and I just couldn't get too into it. The story could've ended sooner, but Angela Knight just had to put in more sex.

All in all, this book took a literally romantic view of vampires. Very rarely in these stories did I see a hint of the horror that vampires can possess. Still, I enjoyed the stories though the iBook was a bit pricey for the quality of the stories.

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