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Needful Things by Stephen King
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Aug 01, 2010

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Needful Things, how should I say it, is not a bad novel. It is just different from some of Stephen King's other work. This book doesn't really deal with supernatural events and people with special powers and abilities. Needful Things, all in all, a very good novel with several shocks and twists but to me it was just a very enjoyable story with a clever beginning, middle, and end. When I mention shocks, I do not mean scares. This book is not at all scary but the unexpected turn of events or the relationships between the characters is what urges the reader to continue reading.
When I first began the book it seemed a little boring, the book only gets interesting when something actually starts happening and we feel the people's reactions to it. It is, by far, one of the best King books that I read not just because of its twists but all of its realism despite the villain. It feels as though you could meet any of these characters anywhere if you bothered to look. King has a gift for making realistic people, just not making them go through realistic situations. Once again, he bombards us with violence, sex, drugs, and other events that don't make a single difference to the outcome of the story.

Needful Things takes place in Castle Rock, a small town in Maine that was the setting for other King novels such as the Dead Zone and Cujo. A new shop has opened and has quickly become the talk of the town. Needful Things, as the mysterious owner Leland Gaunt calls it, is a different kind of shop. Inside of it you will most likely find what you've always dreamed of having but have never received. Mr. Gaunt is willing to give you the item but as always there is a price to pay. The more Mr. Gaunt sells the more the Sheriff of Castle Rock Alan Pangborn begins to realize his awful plan, which results in a gigantic battle between Alan Pangborn an Mr. Gaunt.

Once again, several thoughts in the book are just sick including a particular character who commits suicide (I won't tell you who just so not to wreck the story) and a battle with a poisonous spider which I still don't believe should have been involved in the story. Sure, the ending is farfetched but clever and does ensure room for a sequel(although it probably won't take place in Castle Rock).

The characters and storyline are well developed and change thoughts many times throughout the book. Although the actual villain of the story, Leland Gaunt felt as though he was the main character in the story. His wicked and charming ways make it hard for us to distinguish whether he really is evil or whether he is the calm gentleman all the customers recognize.

Although the book is well written and does get interesting its not a book that i'll read more than once. I liked the book but it isnt one of my favourites.
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